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Is this enough food or would you add something for later???

Hi ladies, I would love your opinion on my menu. Please let me know if it is enough food or if I should add something later in the evening. Thanks in advance!

Cocktail hour 4:30-5:30: cheese/cracker/fruit display, chicken and pineapple skewers, crab cakes, scallops wrapped in bacon, spanikopita

Dinner: potato leek soup, house salad, rolls and butter, choice of entree: chicken stuffed with cornbread,bacon,dried,cherries with a red wine sauce, roast tenderloin of beef, or vegetarian ravioli...sides are mixed veggies and rice pilaf

Dessert: wedding cake, coffee, assorted Greek and Portuguese pastries/cookies

Dinner will be over at 7...reception is until 9:30....would you be satisfied with this?

Re: Is this enough food or would you add something for later???

  • PeavyPeavy member
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    Sounds good to me.  You've got several choices during cocktails, then a full meal including soup.  If anything, you might want to omit the soup.  Most people just expect salad, entree/sides and dessert. 

    Since your reception ends two and a half hours after dinner, you don't need to provide anything else.  Most people will still be full from dinner.
  • I think that's plenty! Definitely enough to fill people up and since your reception isn't super long and ends at 930, I don't think people will be that hungry again by the end of it.

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  • Keep the soup! Yum!  The whole thing sounds terrific. I would be thrilled with that menu. 

    If you wanted to add a late night snack, it's always a welcome addition, but I'd do something super simple like popcorn, french fries, etc. 
  • I think it sounds great (and very yummy!) I totally think that you won't need anything later (I would be stuffed yet at the end of the day), but if you wanted to add something simple like NOLA suggested, that would be fine too. I know I like to keep my friends well fed at a party!
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  • hellebhelleb member
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    I would say you don't need to add a thing! If you want though you could add a treat for the road like a popcorn or candy bar.  It could act as a favor as well.  But honestly with dinner at 7 and guests only staying til 9:30 you are completely fine just leaving it as is especially with the yummy menu you put together!
  • I think that sounds amazing and perfect!  Yummy!

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  • My wedding is in May of 2013 and where I live May is usually a very hot month. Since my reception will be outdoors, I need a filling menu that will help my guest stay cool in the hot sun. The reception will be under an air conditioned tent, but I'm concerned about food staying fresh and having some items to help my guest stay cool. Thanks In Advance
  • Thanks for all the opinions ladies!
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