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My FH and I want to get  to married on my great-grandparents anniversary.  However, it falls on a Tuesday.  So we were thinking would it be appropriate to have just a small  courthouse type ceremony the date that we want and then a full blown wedding including another ceremony during the following weekend?

Please remember that we want to include our family and friends but also the tribute to two of my favorite people in the world. 

Thank-you for your advice. 

Re: Ceremony

  • sucrets4sucrets4 member
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    Personally, I would find it odd to sit through a ceremony if the couple was already legally married.  You can't get married twice without divorcing inbetween.

    I think it's somewhat ok to have a separate reception, but the details get confusing.  Are you going to wear a dress?  Have a wedding party?

    As a family member, I'd rather see you get married on your own date and incorporate a tribute to them during the ceremony and/or reception.
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    It's a very sweet idea! I wouldn't have a ceremony on the saturday. Just invite people to "join in the celebration of your marriage" and just have an awesome blowout reception.
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  • ShannonRayShannonRay member
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    I agree with the first comment...it would be odd knowing that you already married but still having a ceremony and stuff. It seems unnecessary. I also agree with "As a family member, I'd rather see you get married on your own date and incorporate a tribute to them during the ceremony and/or reception."  people will always feel honored that you dedicated something in your ceremony to them. I am getting married on my FI's grandparents anniversary, and it just happened that way. We didn't plan it. And they confronted us making sure we were picking a date that worked for us and not just to please others. Its your wedding; no matter what you choose, people will be happy for you.
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    I like the idea of just marrying on the Tuesday. Most places will even give discounted rates for weekdays. So win-win. You get to be married on your date, and you save money! :)

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  • hgraddyhgraddy member
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    I'm with Jellyfish on this one. Why not just have a Tuesday evening wedding? 
    But if you choose to go with a blowout reception the following weekend, you could incorporate some aspects that would have been in the ceremony, like a unity candle/sand/whatever as well as feeding each other cake. 

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