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doing your own makeup

Is anyone else doing their own makeup for their wedding? I mentioned this to my one friend and she thought it would be a better idea to get it professionaly done.

There are a few reasons I don't. 1) My skin is VERY sensitive anything but bare minerals and lets just say the end result is not nice. 2) The cost...why should I pay someone for something I can easily do myself. 3) I want to look like ME. I see photos of people that get their makeup done and it doesnt even look like the same person.

My wedding is ouside in front of a gazzebo, simple but not to simple light airy dress. I dont want to look over done just like ME but better.

Anyone else feel torn between doing it yourself or going to a pro?
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Re: doing your own makeup

  • I'm not torn -- I'm doing it myself. There's a lot of girls here that swear by airbrush, and they look pretty good and natural with it, but honestly I know how you feel about not being able to wear anything but BareMinerals, I also have extremely sensitive skin and any other makeup makes me break out :(

    I would recommend you practice a lot -- because you need more makeup than you normally do! I would also head to Ulta to have someone help you apply some eye makeup (since they help for free :)
  • I am doing my own, i had a trial run with a pro and just wasnt inlove with it, i would rather look like me and know i will like all of my pics.
  • Hey you DIY girls--please add to the sticky at the top of the forum when you know what products you will be using, etc.  This question gets asked alot and I would love to have a list of tried and true methods and products that are used!
  • My sister/MOH did my make-up and it looked great in pics. I couldn't see spending the money on it when I knew she does an awesome job.
  • I recently did a friend's for her wedding...she looked just as good as when the girl at Sephora did it for free as a consult (not to toot my own horn ;) ) If you have a friend who is handy with makeup maybe ask for her help!! I personally am going the pro route because I'm a makeup junkie and want my eyes completely done up. If my parents weren't paying I would consider the DIY route though!
  • I did my own makeup for my wedding.
    I had my salon do a trial and I wasn't happy with it so I went to a cosmetic studio and had them do my makeup and I LOVED it so I purchased all the products and watched how they did it and then did it myself for the day-of.  It wasn't stressful at all and I'm glad I did it myself so I was sure I liked it.  (Plus, now I have a whole drawer of new makeup that I never used before to use everyday!)
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    I also did my own makeup this past weekend for my wedding.  I used Estee Lauder Products, which I believe is listed in the sticky at th top of the forum.

    applying eyeliner

    completed makeup look

    me with my brother before the ceremony

    outdoor pics, I wanted natural look

    me & my husband!
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  • I so wanted my makeup done and had some makeup trials and I just didn't look right, just too much makeup and I looked I ended up doing it myself.  I wanted to treat myself but realized it was much more stressful!
  • ok i wouldnt recommend it because these pics will last a LIFETIME. Find a makeup artist tht doesnt mind using your makeup. 

    Anyways -- u will be nervous the day of the wedding. dont mess this up
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