Just engaged....thinking Bermuda?

Hi all, I am recently engaged and we have a crazy idea to get married in Bermuda.  Does anyone have any experience with weddings there or recomendations on where to look for reception sites/hotels on island?

Re: Just engaged....thinking Bermuda?

  • Congratulations!  I was on vacation at The Reefs and saw a couple get married at the pier they have there.  It looked beautiful, but I have no idea what it cost or any of the details.

    If you plan a destination wedding, just be prepared for people to not be able to come due to cost.  If you're okay with that, go for it!  Bermuda is beautiful!
  • No suggestions!! Just CONGRATS & Happy Planning!!
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  • I'd check out the Destination Weddings Board!
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  • Congratulations!! I've only been to Bermuda on a cruise so I don't have any ideas as to where to have it.  But Bermuda is beautiful!
  • Congrats on your engagement!!!  I happened to see your mention of Bermuda and had to respond...we recently attended a wedding in Bermuda (i believe the hotel was Fairmount Southhampton).  Although my fiance and I (he was in the wedding party) were looking forward to getting to see Bermuda, it turned out being ridiculously expensive- a lot of guests who wanted to go were not able to because of the cost.  And it was honestly not any better of a wedding because it was in this remote location.  However, this couple did not keep their guests in mind when it came to costs so we had a negative experience.  It is you and your fiance's day so anyone that wants to share that day with you will make find a way to attend.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me as I would be happy to give you any other info about our stay- and I apologize for the negative opinion but like i said we had a negative experience. 
  • Congratulations on your engagement!

    It is so beautiful in Bermuda! My parents vacation there and they always stay at the Fairmont Princess, the sister hotel of the Fairmont Southhampton. If you stay at either place you can take a shuttle between the two hotels and use all of their facilities.

    As PP mentioned, Bermuda is expensive. $$$ Just remember to keep the costs in mind for your guests.
  • Congrats!! I was thinking of doing the destinatino wedding as well! It makes for beautiful pictures!
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