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Any Advice on my Escort 'shell' Cards?

I am trying to use real Scallop shells as escort cards. 

My plan was/is to some how write on the inside of the shell and the back. (for the table number and persons name) So far, I have failed miserably.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Any Advice on my Escort 'shell' Cards?

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    Have you tried printing the information on clear labels instead of writing directly on shells?
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    What about driling a small hole and looping a ribbon through with a name tag on it? You can probably do this easily with a handheld power drill.
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    My friend did this with sand dollars and the store that she bought them from told her to use a mix of water and Elmer's glue (half and half) and use a paint brush to coat them with the mixture.  It made them more durable, and also made it easier to write on them.  Good luck :)
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    For my daughters wedding, we bought shells that had holes drilled in them and attached cards with ribbon.
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    I agree that using ribbon with nametags is probably the easiest way to go.  If you do that, then you can have a lot of fun with pretty paper, ribbon, stamps, etc. :)
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    I agree that tags would be probably end up being much cleaner looking and less "arts and crafts."  I saw this done (with scallop shells) in an old Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.  If you google it on her website, you may find it.  GL! 
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    I'm doing this with sand dollars - and we are printing on paper and tying with ribbon.  I don't even want to attempt to write on shells, my handwriting is less than pretty without trying to put it on a shell.

    Google seashell escort cards - you'll find lots of pictures and ideas of ways to do it, and you may even find step by step instructions!
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    Thank you ladies for all your ideas!
    The shells themselves have too many ridges for the sticker to stick :/ unless I only sticker the inside of the shell?

    I will try the glue mix! I haven't heard of that yet, is that more for sand dollars or do you think it would work on shells too?

    It seems the fail-safe will be to do the ribbon threw the shell.

    Thank you Ladies!!
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    they will drill the holes for free.  They were great to work with.
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    For my favors I bought faux sand dollars from X-mas tree shop (6 for $1 I think) and used a paint pen in my colors and wrote my name, the grooms name, and our wedding date.  This worked pretty well for me, and the ceramic sand dollars were much more sturdy than real ones. In addition to the sand dollars, I did see ceramic scallop shells and star fish at xmas tree shop for that price. However, the scallop shells weren't as realistic. Just some ideas incase the scallop idea was flexible.
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