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I absolutely ADORE/LOVE your new siggy pic!!!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Hope I can get some passionate shots like that on my big day!!!
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Re: *Vans*

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    awww thanks! Smile The picture is actually longer but i cropped the part where it says "proof" hehe. I also like this pic, shows a lot. I bet you're going to have lots of these too just enjoy your day!
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    Me too I LOVE IT!!!! So passionate, romantic but tender in a way! AH! I can't wait fro wedding day pics Wink
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    <3 it Vans!!!

    Now, How can i change my Siggy?? I feel like a Newbie here =(
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    Melistar- here is the info for you so you can put a mr & ms pic. I can't wait to see MORE wedding picsSmile

    First you click on "update signature" which is on the left side bar of this page.


    Then you click on the top where it says "edit my avatar or signature".


    Then you open a new window go to and upload the picture, make sure you select "website/email" on the resize drop down...that's the size i usually use, but if you want it bigger you can go for the "message board" size.


    after you've uploaded the picture copy and paste the link that looks something like this ~~ />  [IMG]blah blah blah[IIMG] but only copy and paste the inside information, leaving out the brackets. 


    so you take that "middle code" and paste it in here &use this same thing just insert the code for you picture....

    <img src="PASTE IT IN HERE" />

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    Vans- I hope you'll have this picture framed in your house.  This is a beautiful picture! 
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    Your photographers capture so many great pictures. All of them show your love for each other.
  • Vans18Vans18 member
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    Thanks girls Laughing

    jagore- will do!
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    QUEMIRAS: Thank you!! Running to go do it NOw =)
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