Looking for outdoorsy-indoor venue, ideas APPRECIATED!

I just got engaged this Christmas and am now starting to put my feelers out to look for a good venue. I've got plenty of time, but I still want to see what's out there.

My fiance would like an indoors, more traditional wedding ceremony wheras I wanted an outdoors, more earthy one. We've decided that a good compromise would be:

1. an indoors ceremony, to accomocate his wishes and  safeguard from any potential rain,
2. has large windows so as to incorporate the ouside, which would preferably be...
3. ... some sort of greenery, preferably a forest but a park would do fine as well. I just want to see a lot of green out the windows.

So, does a place like this exist, and if so, where? I figured if it existed anywhere, Oregon would be a likely place. :) I live in the PDX area, so the closer to that the better.

So, if anybody knows of any ideas I should investigate, I would be very grateful! Thank you!

Re: Looking for outdoorsy-indoor venue, ideas APPRECIATED!

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    An outdoor ceremony and indoor reception is pretty common (what we're doing) or you could rent a tent and have it set up somewhere you like.

    The Abernathy center is really pretty and they have a permanent outdoor tent so you'd be safe from weather.

    The trade center has lots of windows so you see some of the outside.

    Timberline Lodge looks great.
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    You might look into wineries.  We're getting married at Beckenridge Vineyards next July, but it's in Dallas, which is kinda far away from everything.  Vista Hills vineyard in Dayton looked really neat - a little more modern, but secluded and very woodsy.
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    Congrats! That must have been a fun Christmas!

    I had the same requirements except my fiance wants an outdoor ceremony and I wanted an indoor reception. We chose the World Forestry Center which allows for indoor or outdoor ceremonies. Its air conditioned so it can stay cool in the summer. The best part is the rental fee is one of the lowest we've seen. The ceiling is beautiful and you can decorate it however you like and the tile floors are super nice too. There is a large hallway leading to the ballroom which is great for guest book, gifts, etc. You cant get anymore "Portland" than this place. You should check it out!

    Ok, good luck! :)

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    The Pavilion at Sah-Hah-Lee golf course is an idea worth looking into!
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    Deep Woods Events, they are in Eugene but its absolutley gorgeous. Prices are great and the Owner Karol, includes all tables chairs, sound system and does all decorations including center pieces for all your tables!

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    Lakeside Gardens
    Leach Botanical Garden
    McMenamins Edgefield or Grand Lodge
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    This is across the river in Vancouver.  It doesn't look super great out front, but they have a chapel with HUGE windows behind the alter that look out to a little waterfall and pond and some evergreen trees.  They then have a covered hallway that connects to the reception area that is also windowed with a patio so that you can go outside for pictures/eating/whatever.  It's all indoors, but has a great outdoor feel!
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    In Redmond,OR is The River Run Event Center which has beautiful multi tired outdoor decks that overlook the deschutes river! I would suggest taking a tour because the website doesnt do it justice~

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    We are getting married at Willamette Valley Vineyards near Salem. Great combo of indoor/outdoor location!
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    we're getting married in the Oaks Pioneer Church in SE Portland, and then holding our rececption at the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion... The church is not a church, but a historic building, and will cost $400 for two hours. The Pavilion will cost $1300 for 12 hours...
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