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Hump Day Letter Confessions

*walks up to podium, winks at Tyswife2be and clears throat*

Dear School,
Please don't kick my butt this semester.

Dear Hubby,
I know it's not usually something you are used to doing, but please try to keep the dishes in the sink count down before I come home, it makes me claustrophobic when I see dishes piled up to the ceiling. 

Dear Pregnancy,
I don't want to  gain 30 lbs this time okay?

Dear MIL,
Please, just stop it.

* exits stage*
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Re: Hump Day Letter Confessions

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    Dear fi, If you dont book this darn limo and I am going to bust you in the head with a bottle, love your soon to be wife......

    Dear trainee, can you stop coming in early, I prefer for you to get here later, so I can have some "me" time before you take over my day with questions.

    Dear BM, I dont care how much weight you plan to lose, if you do not order your BM dress by 2/15, you will be wearing whatever you want as a wedding guest.

    Dear bank acct, please understand we will one day get to see our money bill again....

    Dear indecisiveness, please help us decide when we will take our honeymoon.
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    Dear FI,
    Why decide on creating complicated invitation look if you didnt actually want to devote time to putting them together.  Ribbon does not tie itself!

    Dear Coworkers,
    I hate you all. 

    Dear Stubborn 10 lbs,
    Stop being stubborn and just leave already!
  • lakishaplakishap member
    edited December 2011
    Dear Watty, call the bridal salon back so that we can get a bridal rate on the limo service and book you already.

    Dear FI, please wash the dishes that you use during the course of your days off instead of leaving them in the sink or kitchen table for me to wash with the dishes from dinner.

    Dear BMs (I feel you MIABRIDENTAMPA ) I really do not care if you need an extra few weeks to lose weight before you order your dress.  You've known about the wedding since May 2009 and ALL dresses must be ordered on 2/15.  If you do not pay your deposit to order on 2/15 you will be a guest.

    Deat OffBroadway Shoes, Please be nice and order the shoes I want in the color I need.
  • TysWife2BeTysWife2Be member
    2500 Comments Third Anniversary
    edited December 2011

    OMG...I LOVE THIS!!!

    Dear FI,
    Can we please go back and attempt to get our money back before the week is over so we can move forward with the venue of our choice and not have to worry so much?

    Dear Co-Workers,
    Stop being jealous and miserable by looking at what I have (a degree, a man, a baby, and a wedding coming up)! Wake up and do what you need to do so you can get to the place that you want so you can stop hatin on me!

    Dear Co-Workers,
    Please STOP asking about the wedding because #1, you are NOT invited and #2, I DO NOT want to talk to you about it...we are NOT friends, we are co-workers. If you can't handle that and grasp that concept, I am sure there are other concepts that you just don't get.

    Dear Baby Belly,
    GO AWAY!!! You are the LAST 4 pounds that I have left from the pregnancy. Why must you linger around?

    Dear Credit Union,
    Can you put some extra deposits in my account that I can just HAVE???

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    Dear DJ, everytime I talk to you I feel a little drained. With 12 days til my wedding, I have yet to see your personality! I'm starting to wonder if the guy in those youtue videos was your Stunt, or in this case... DJ Double.

    Dear Family & Friends, the wedding has been planned please stop making suggestions on how things should be done. When I was asking you months ago, you seemed uninterested... so I implore you to rekindle those feelings of disinterest and keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself.

    Dear Wedding Guests, you were invited to my wedding ceremony which happens to be followed by a dinner reception. I'm slightly peturbed that so many of you seem to think it's OK to skip the ceremony and come to the reception. Are you really that hard up for a free meal???!

    Dear FI, please stop telling me that I'm stressed about the wedding. I know what I'm feeling and stress is not it. So, hold your tongue and stop speaking that over me.

    Dear Body, you are on my list. Do you REALLY need to bloat right now? Can you just hold off for 12 more days?? Please respond appropriately to this detox :) Love you.
  • edited December 2011
    Dear Co-Workers, I'm so glad that today is my Friday and I don't have to see you for 4 whole days :)

    Dear mother nature, Please don't snow on friday. I don't want to be freezing and wet in my strapless BM dress
  • edited December 2011
    Dear Job/Career: I am thankful that I have one, but I need a new one that pays what I deserve.

    Dear FH/FI: why are you buying plane tickets for your family to attend the wedding, instead of buying our honeymoon tickets? I mean, I know why, but damn, damn, damn..I want to go to Antigua!
  • edited December 2011
    Dear FI, please stop telling me how badly you feel when you have to tell people they can not be added to the list of guests for our wedding.  They have gotten over it so why can't you?

    Dear co-workers, please stop asking me about the wedding.  It will NOT garner you an invitation.

    Dear Invited Guest, please belive me when I tell you that you will be removed from the guest list if you fail to send in your RSVP or respond to my emails regarding your attendance by the date indicated.

    Dear Money Tree, I live at 3217 Woodworth Place.  You can show up today and I won't mind if you plant yourself in the front yard rather than the backyard.  Just make sure all of my neighbors don't pick all of the bills before I get home.
  • edited December 2011
    Dear FI, please stop inviting all of these damn people to the wedding. You don't speak  to them now and you won't speak to them after the wedding.

    Dear FMIL, you made a big stink about us wanting to go to city hall so you said you would help us pay for the wedding. Where the hell is my money???

    Dear paycheck, when can we be friends again?

    Dear IRS, why do you always help out the people who already receive help? What about us working people who bust our as***, come home with nothing and then you take the rest when it's tax time? Do we all have to have 4 children and fall into the "proper" tax braket just so we can say we got something back from you? (rolling my head and sucking my teeth)
    Lovin Kimmie
  • edited December 2011
    Dear "Alleged" wedding guests, please stop calling and emailing me telling me that you are coming to the wedding, if you know you are not. You don't have a pot to piss in or a window to pour it out. Accept it and send me a gift from my registry.

    Dear mom, you are stressing me out! I do not want an at home reception and would rather have the money.

    Dear "Friends", I despise that fact that I have hopped my happy arse on planes to come to your weddings and throw you baby showers and you barely act like I exist when it's time for me. I strongly dislike you guys right now. You suck balls!

    Dear direct staff, I did not get an MBA to manage ghetto and trailor trash, so please do me a favor and quit...all of you! Also, please don't fix your mouths to ask me about my wedding.

    Dear manager, you couldn't do my job even if you tried. I make you shine...remember that!

    Dear FSILs, thanks for nothing...and I do mean nothing!
  • KooKoo4QuincyKooKoo4Quincy member
    edited December 2011
    Dear FMIL:
    I hate you-you hate me-I'll bend over and you can kiss my as*-with your dry chap'd lips and a SMACK 4rm Me 2 you-wont you go get a MAN who will love you 2!!

    Dear FI:
    You would make me the happiest woman in the world if you would claean up behind yourself! I am your help mate not servant!!

    Dear Simply Bechez:
    Suck balls & kick rockz!!
  • KamishKamish member
    edited December 2011
    **** Taps on microphone and clears throat *******

    Dear Georgia, people who have been teaching 5 years should not have to sit through classes like reading and P.E.  There has got to be another way to solve the certification problem.

    Dear bank account, I'm sorry!  I am constantly tearing you down and never take the time to build you up.

    Dear coworkers, please stop telling me that wedding planning is making me stressed.  Actually, it is you!  All of you.

    Dear mind, there is no hope for you!  You are totally lost. 

    Dear bills, have you ever heard of holidays?  I mean, even God rested on the seventh day.  Take a break already!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear FI, are you a part of this wedding?

    **** Drops microphone *****
  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
    edited December 2011
    Dear FI,
    A little help with the planning would be nice.  Please understand that this is OUR day.  I do not think that it is fair for me to plan a big party for you.

    Dear Mother Nature,
    I really do not appreciate the fact that you are ruining my weekend.  I had big plans to go dress shopping but because you decided to make it snow I will be stuck in the house all weekend....AGAIN!

    Dear Career/Job,
    (Brobin01 I feel you on the career thing).  I am happy to be employed but in addition to needing a job that pays me what I'm worth, I would just like to add that I would also like to have a career that I am a proud of.
  • edited December 2011
    Dear FI: Stop being a groomzilla!! Stop trying to know EVERYTHING...Just write me the checks and let me do this. I thought you only wanted to know about the bar, food & your attire. Now that you've been watching platinum weddings with me, you have all these frigging suggestions & questions. Dude, we are 8 weeks away and I will cut you....Well maybe after you change all your insurance information & make me your beneficiary, LOL....

    Mom: Stop questioning me as if I'm 12. I know what I'm doing and have NO hesitation. Also, this wedding is not the time or place for you to run around with the holy oil, trying to annoint folx. Give it a rest already!!

    BM: I love you all, thanks for listening to me vent & being there for me always...

    GOD: Thanks for sending me this wonderful man, that sometimes makes me crazy. You have truly answered my prayers and gave me everthing on my "checklist". Thank you for working on me and making me the best helpmate I can be. I know I'm still a work in progress, but I'm better than I used to be....

    Wiping a tear & walking away.....
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