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honey moon question

soo.... my wedding is the day before easter and we wouldn't really feel right leaving the day for our honeymoon so what are cool ideas to do in town before we get to go on our honeymoon on a later date?

Re: honey moon question

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    What about the Monday or Tuesday after?  We our staying at our hotel until Monday morning and then flying out, doing a gift opening brunch on that Sunday.

    Although, an idea for around here is Belamere.  We love that place!  I'd go for the room with the pool if that's going to be it for a little awhile for you guys.
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  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    I also recommend Belamere Suites.  That place was amazing!  

    I personally think it would be ideal to wait a couple of days for the honeymoon regardless of the holiday.  It will give you guys time to open your gifts and get settled after the wedding.  It will be nice to pack after the wedding.  You will have more than enough to worry about in the days leading to the wedding, so don't add the extra stress of remembering to pack everything too.  If you wait until Monday or Tuesday, you will still be on a wedding/honeymoon high and likely be more relaxed with everything settled at home. 
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    I agree on waiting for the honeymoon....I can't imagine how our stressed would have been magnified if we would have left for our honeymoon on the Sunday after.   We just stayed at a hotel on the wedding night and then returned home since the honeymoon wasn't until three weeks later.
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  • mariahm90mariahm90 member
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    thanks for the ides
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    Belamere was pefect for us too!!

    I have a new job and we can't take vacation until a year of service.

    So the night after wedding we packed up and headed to Belamere... Get the pool!!

    But bring food!! Or plan on ordering out... Luckily we had a big dinner but their "room service" is more snacks than a meal!!
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