Help with Flowers!

OK so I'm not sure what to do about my flowers. I am having a very small wedding and only need the following:

1 bride bouquet
1 bridesmaid bouquet
1 flowergirl pomador
several bouts and corsages

That's it. Unfortunatley, I don't meet the floral minimums for any florists I have contacted. I looked at Sam's but they have packages that have a bunch of stuff that I don't need and they don't let you customize (I called to check). So now I don't know what to do. I am NOT crafty and don't feel like I can make my own. Suggestions?? My wedding is in 4 weeks and I'm getting freaked out that I won't have flowers!
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Re: Help with Flowers!

  • My mom just got remarried and she got her bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets at Rice Epicurean. They were gorgeous white roses and hydrangeas and looked very professional. I have also heard that Costco does great arranging for bouquets and centerpieces depending on what they have in stock you can order at both places the day of if the flowers you want are in season and if its a small enough job Hope this helps!
  • Call Pat at "Weddings in Bloom". She is super sweet and also teaches other florists so knows most of them. I bet she can help send you in the right direction. www.weddingsinbloom-tx.com
  • Thanks ladies!
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  • Also try Central Market and Whole Foods. We've ordered flowers from them before, they do a GREAT job!
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