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Questions for Florist Meeting

Hi Ladies,

I'm meeting with my (potential) florist on Sunday.  Anything I should ask her specifically?  We've already discussed prices, colours, flowers and availability.  Is there anything I should be watching out for or asking before signing a contract and putting down a deposit?  Our wedding is in 3 months and it's getting to the point where I am second guessing everything so I want to go in as prepared as possible. 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Questions for Florist Meeting

  • Make sure you make note of charges for set up/tear down, delivery, etc.  That charge came as a surprise to me.  Also ask how close to the wedding you have to make your final decisions.  (For example, if less people RSVP than you think and you only need 9 tables instead of 10, etc.)  Also make sure to discuss when they will arrive the day of the wedding.  I would bring inspiration pictures to the meeting as well as a swatch of your linens or BM dresses and a picture of your dress if you have one.
  • Thanks so much!  That's really helpful.
  • My florist was very clear in her contract on the specifics of the flowers.
    She had a check-list of all the possible items I could have possibly thought of.
    It's important that if the flowers you order arrive on time.  I hear so many bad stories about that.  Fortunately my florist delivered everything she promised and on time. 
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