How to Change Your Name

Hello Brides! With my wedding just 6 days away, I realized that I haven't even thought about the change of name process - does anyone know how to best go about this?

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    Take your time and worry about it after the wedding :)

    THEN, you will need a certified copy of your marriage license (I requested ours at Cambridge through the mail, some towns mail it to you automatically). You take that first to Social Security, then the RMV, then you can change your banking info. Or rather, that's how i did it. My bank insisted on the certified copy and I show them my new license, but not all banks do it that way.

    After that I just did things one by one... like after SS was changed, I told work since that would affect my paycheck. The bank notified my credit cards, work notified my insurance...
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    Do  you have a list of all the places you need to change it in?
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    There is a list SOMEWHERE I swear, I just can't track it down right now. Off the top of my head:
    Social Security
    (then DMV wil help with bank, insurance, etc)
    You need to get a new passport, can;t just change your name:( 
    then anything else- work forms, email accounts, frequent flyer stuff, etc AHHHH

    But everything I read seems to agree that SS has to be first....can I ask a stupid question? I don't think I have my SS card (like now with my maiden name on it) I remember I needed it for work a while ago and didn't have it so I just used my passport. Maybe I lost it or my parents are hiding it somewhere safe? anyone know if you need your old SS card to get a new one?

    Also dreading the DMV process....that's going to take forever:(

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    My mom bought me something called a "Name Change Kit" which includes all the info, where, and how to.  I reccomend it.  
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    Hi. I think I have a copy somewhere of a kit with all the forms. If interested, email me.... I will try to find it and forward.
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    @jackieandbilly-- I honestly can't remember if I needed the SS card, but I would think they might take the passport. I'd call first though, becuase you don't want to wait all that time just to be sent home. It took me about an hour for the SS office, in Malden, in the middle of the day.

    The RMV, I could not believe how fast it was. I went to the one in Chinatown on the day they are open late, and they called my number before I had even filled out the paperwork. AND the guy was super friendly and nice, which never happens at places like that. So it might not be so bad.

    I still haven't changed my passport though. Should get on that.
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