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Still need a venue!?!?

So I still need a venue and have about 2 months left to find it! Here are some things I am looking for and wondering if you ladies can help me out!?!?
We have 200 guest, the space needs to be classic, with out braking the bank, warm and inviting. It's in Feburary so nothing outdoors and I would like the feel of a winter wonderland. Oh and within a 20 mile radias of the twin cities.... Can any of you help me!?!?! Please and Thank you so much!!

Re: Still need a venue!?!?

  • hkieslinghkiesling member
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    It would be helpful to have a price range.  Also, do you want on-site catering and does your price include the cost of food?

    We had our reception at Summit Manor in St. Paul and it seats 200 (but that might be a little tight).  There are a few other old mansions in the area that are very warm feeling, plus the decorating cost is next to nothing.
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    What places have you looked in to and what were the reasons they were decided against?

    Off the top of my head there is

    Windows on Minnesota (Top of the IDS building)
    Majestic Oaks Golf Course in Ham Lake (where we are having our ceremony & reception)
    Mermaid in Moundsview (reasonable prices)
    Blainebrook Hall in Blaine
    Most Holiday Inn's have a banquet rooms for receptions
    Earle Brown Hall in Brooklyn Center
    And actually, even Broadway Pizza seems to be able to accomodate a wedding (some locations, I know Fridley & Blaine both would and you can feed your guests  for around $11/person (although it is pizza, pasta, salad and hoagies)

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    The Carlson Towers Rotunda is a gorgeous venue, that's where I'm having my ceremony & reception this April. Floor to ceiling windows so it'd be really amazing in the winter with the snow and the twinkle lights they can hang from the top balacony.  Off-season discount is nice too for winter, $2000, a lot cheaper than the other venues we looked at. Semple mansion is gorgeous too but even in April the space rental fee was going to be around $5000 I think which was more than we wanted to spend.
  • KOM11KOM11 member
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    We are having ours ar Stonebrook Golf Course in Shakopee. Minimal decoration is needed as it is all up to date (nice chairs, no covers needed). It overlooks the golf course, and I saw pictures of a winter view and it's gorgeous. I think it fits 250? It was one of the venues that was on the lower price range when we looked at ours.

  • KOM11KOM11 member
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    I second the pp's recommendation of the Mermaid, or even Profile Event Center, both are reasonably priced and will fit a winter theme...they are both two that I am considering and I have a very limited budget, also in the winter! HTH!
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    I am having mine at the mermaid in moundsview and so far have had a awesome experience with them and I think they are reasonably priced. Originally looked at the profile event center but they didnt have our date available!  Good luck and if you call the mermaid I would ask to speak with Carol Back she is awesome and very helpful!
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  • schmoodschmood member
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    I was very happy with how things turned out for our reception at River Oaks in Cottage Grove.   The room itself is pretty basic, but they provide the tulle drapings and lighting.   Prices were very reasonable.


    Also, a few years ago my sister had her reception at the Binz Refrectory on the Univ of St. Thomas campus.  Also very reasonably priced and has windows on 3 sides.
  • lboerner88lboerner88 member
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    We are having ours at Royal Cliff Banquet Hall in Eagan. It is nothing special from the outside but it is a huge, wonderful room :) And the best part is that it is a small, family run business and they have the BEST Italian food! 
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    I'm doing Windows in the IDS Tower, the views are awesome and Sam is fabulous to work with :)
  • maybe984maybe984 member
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    I would recommend the Historic Washington County Courthouse, but it's probably a smidge outside of your preferred area and you might have a hard time fitting 200 people in there. That's the stated capacity, but we had 125 and I can't imagine fitting much more than that in. Are 200 people actually coming, or is that your entire guest list? Also, are you just looking for a reception space, or a ceremony too?
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    Woodbury's Central Park
    Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove
    Eagan Community Center
    Maple Grove Community Center
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    Thank you all! Those are all great ideas, i will have to look in to some of them and some I already have and are a no go for what I am looking for, but thank you! Who thought it would be this hard to find a venue!? At least once we have one the rest will seem easy!! Anymore ideas I would love to hear!!

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    Which ones are already on the no-go list?  My future sister-in-law got married at Majestic Oaks in Feb, two years ago.  She negotiated the heck out of it and got an awesome deal.  Another friend of mine had her reception at the German Institute in St. Paul. 

    Here is another idea that is worth a shot:  If you are on Facebook or Twitter, find Minnesota Bride Magazine and contact them about your dilemma.  They may be willing to post or tweet a request for a great venue deal on that date.  A lot of vendors follow them, and if any of them still have that date open I'm sure they would love to get it booked up.
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