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Starting RCIA

My FI is Catholic and really wants to get married in the Catholic Church. I was never baptized because my parents wanted me to choose my own religion since both had bad experiences with religion when they were younger. I decided to begin the RCIA classes and just wanted to ask if anyone had any advice for me for this experience. I am really excited to being my classes next week. I was only really ever exposed to the Catholic religion through going to Church with my best friend when I was younger and now with my FI's family.

Is there anything that I should be paying more attention to? I am really nervous because the class has already been going on for a month and I had to miss it due to our marriage prep classes with the Diocese.
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Re: Starting RCIA

  • shawna127shawna127 member
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    Hello :o)  My advice for you would be to go into it with an open mind and open heart.  Also, ask lots of questions. If you disagree with something or don't understand don't be afraid to ask.  Good luck with this experience, you will be in my prayers!
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    In Response to Re: Starting RCIA:
    [QUOTE]Hello :o)  My advice for you would be to go into it with an open mind and open heart.  Also, ask lots of questions. If you disagree with something or don't understand don't be afraid to ask.  Good luck with this experience, you will be in my prayers!
    Posted by shawna127[/QUOTE]

    This.  And make sure that you are making this decision for yourself.  Talk to your FI about what you are learning (and ask him to join you in class, if possible).  The decision to be baptized is not one that should be taken lightly.  Attend as many of the classes as you can (I don't think there is a set number of classes you MUST attend, but any that you miss are things you just don't get to learn, and I know that if you miss too many, most places will not allow you to complete the class).

    For the ones you missed -- is there a way for you to get transcripts or recordings of the classes?  My RCIA instructor recorded herself and burned CDs for us to take home if we missed a class.  It was really helpful, and sometimes I would take some of her older CDs just to re-listen to a class I'd attended.



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    The instructor is super nice and has been giving me readings that they talked about in the four classes that I missed since we were at marriage prep classes. I don't plan on missing any of the other classes and I definitely am doing this for myself because I feel strongly about the teaching from the Catholic Church... I'm eager to learn, just a little nervous since I had to do some of the readings on my own but I feel like once I get in the groove of class that I will hopefully really like it a lot.
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    ENJOY! I converted after going to Mass with my FI, before we were engaged. It just felt right to me. BUT, I went to several Masses at different churches without him, just to be sure it wasn't just him or that particular priest. I went to daily Mass as often as I could (there was a church less than ten minutes from my house), too. Talking with my FI about my classes really brought us closer together. I didn't agree with everything the church says (still don't). Sometimes I was bored, and I didn't like all the teachers. But I love the faith. So my advice is...enjoy!!! And keep us posted.
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    I agree with others. Go in with an open mind and an open heart. Pray. Every single day. Pray about your decision to enter the Church, pray about things that are happening, sit quietly with God to hear what he has to tell you. Study Sacred Scripture.

    Develop an open dialogue about spirituality with your FI. You may find that you are learning things that he, as a lifelong Catholic, never really knew. Develop a spirituality as a couple, not just as two individuals.

    Entering RCIA was the best decision I ever made. I had a great experience, and I wouldn't trade my faith for anything.
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    Oh, the other advice I have is to get involved in the church in other ways. I worked dinners & Oktoberfests & sang in the Christmas choir...it really helped me get to know others in the parish, which made it feel more like home. Linda
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  • angeepangeeangeepangee member
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    Congrats! I was in the same boat as you, but I completed RCIA before I met my fiance. Do you have a sponsor yet? I recommend having one early. I decided to have a sponsor that wasn't anyone I know so I could learn from their experiences growing up as Cathoilc. It certainly helped me when I had a lot of questions to ask.

    Congrats again and best of luck!!
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