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Hey Ladies!

My FI and I booked our wedding photographer last June on an impulse special that the photographer was having and now I am starting to regret it. Our receipt came in yesterday and there was 3 major mistakes on it which makes me nervous that if this guy can't get our 30 day payment right how will he be for our wedding day. There has been other occurrences in the past that just make it feel that he does a half @ss job.

So, I'm asking you what wedding photographers are you using in the buffalo area, how much is your package and what is included in the package.


Re: Wedding Photographers

  • I'm leaning towards Wozniak cause if one photographer is sick they have back up. Also cuz I loved the non traditional photos I saw.
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  • I'm leaning towards Wozniak cause if one photographer is sick they have back up. Also cuz I loved the non traditional photos I saw.
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  • CR Fotography. Our package cost us around $1100 and it has A LOT included. You should check them out.
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  • I went with Expressions Photography. My package include 2 photographers all day, wedding album, engagement shoot, dvd of proof. It was $3000ish I believe. I was happy with my pictures and can't wait to get the book.
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  • I highly recommend Wendy Mitchell!  Her work is amazing and she is very reasonably priced.  Our package was $2800 and included an engagement session with rights to all photos on a disc, 10 hours of coverage on the day of the wedding, rights to all photos on a disc, a 300 photo album, a guest book with our engagement photos, and a $300 credit towards purchases after the wedding.  Check out all of her packages here... http://www.wendymitchellphotography.com/blog/wedding-pricing/

    Here are some of our photos...

    Good luck!
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  • We are also using CR Fotography. Our package was just under $1000 and included an engagement session, 2 photographers for the whole day, an album, as well as a CD of all our images w/ copyright release. They have been great to work w/ so far.
  • We're using Ayres Photography and they are AMAZING. They have different packages based on what you're looking to spend. We had out epics done a few months back and the pictures are absolutely amazing! They're website provides a lot more information than other photographers offered, so I'd check that out first! :)

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  • We are going with Argento.  We met them and just totally clicked.  They are a little more than some of the others, but I love their photos and love them so to me its worth it.  Their photos are gorgeous!!
  • We used Expressions as well. Our photographer was Connie. I'm very happy I spent a little more than I originally wnated and went with them. I had one photographer for the day, an engagement and bridal shoot, our album and the copyright release for 1999 ( I believe, not too far off from that though)

    Whoever you go with, get the release!!! Photographer charge sooo much for prints. With the release I was able to make parent albums on Shutterly for next to nothing.
  • I Second Wendy Mitchell, She does amazing work! I have her booked for our wedding next August. When I met up with her I asked her why she chose to do weddings, her response sealed the deal. She told me that she had a terrible experience with her wedding photographer and never wanted another bride to go through that. She's Fab!

    Check out her FB and website!  Clicky!
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  • I highly recommend Ian Gattie. He did my cousins wedding and I've known him for a long time. Had we been married in Buffalo, he would have been my go-to for sure. http://www.iangattie.com/
  • I usedJay from Gardner Photography. We had 2 photographers, engagement pictures, all day coverage without hourly limit, 200prints in 4x6 album 19 8x10 and10 5x7 prints, coffee table book, enhancements, online gallery, all photos on DVD with copywrights. They were very flexible, started early and left late. And they let our friends and family take pictures he posed (which I saw and they looked nothing like my Jay's pictures) I am very happy with my choice!
  • dana marie and tracey lyn photography (formerly dana maria photography).

    they were pricey but SOOOOOOOO worth it
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