Maine weddings on the water?

HI there!

I am recently engaged and looking to have a September wedding somewhere on the coast of maine.  My fiance's family is in the southwest part of Maine, so we'd like to be close to there if possible.  I'm from Chicago, so i'm not very familiar with possible outdoor reception sites around there.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I'd greatly appreciate any advice!

Thank you!!

Re: Maine weddings on the water?

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    I'd Try SMCC (Southern Maine Community College) in South Portland. You can get married right by Spring Point light house & you can get a tent set up right on the field overlooking the ocean OR they have a beautiful cafeteria area (not as cheesey as it sounds) with the back side all windows with ocean views.

    I'm not sure of the time of day of your wedding-- but evenings get awfully chilly in September if you're planning on having it outside.
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    The Inn on Peaks Island is beautiful, we considered it for our September wedding but decided to go with lakeside instead.  The venue is run through a company called city side events in Scarborough.  They also have other locations.
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    I'm plannning on having my wedding early September 2011, and I'm looking into some sights in the Camden / Rockport area.  There are some realy fantastic ocean side spots in that area.  Check out  If that's too far north I know there are some gorgeous places in York, Kennebunkport and Freeport.  The Harraseeket Inn in Freeport is really cute and not as horribly expensive as some of the Kennebunkport spots.
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    I can second the SMCC idea.  It was way out of my budget at $3000 for the McKernan Hospoitality Center (includes tables/linens/etc, but not food), but it's a nice place.  What makes it really awesome is Fort Preble also on the SMCC campus.  

    The fort is $600 to rent, and only for the ceremony.  The photos that would come out of the fort would be amazing!  And your initial contact is with Andrew Smaha, who is really great to deal with.


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    Have you heard of the Samoset Resort?  It's in midcoast Maine and very easy to get to.  It's a gorgeous spot and there's lots of places for your guests to stay as well as so much to do.  Good luck.
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    I was married on September 26, at the York Harbor Inn and can't say enough good things about the Inn.  Our ceremony was at the Hartley Mason Reserve across the street from the Inn, overlooking the ocean.  The day was just perfect, I wouldn't change a thing!  
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    [QUOTE]Have you heard of the Samoset Resort?  It's in midcoast Maine and very easy to get to.  It's a gorgeous spot and there's lots of places for your guests to stay as well as so much to do.  Good luck.
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    Seconding the Samoset; it's gorgeous, right on the water and there's the nearby lighthouse that is about seven tenths of a miles out on the water, reached by a stonewalkway. Handy and fun walk to take.
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    I love the Samoset! Samoset has these hot tub suites that are to die for! A giant room with separate sitting area, a king bed, plus your own private deck and hot tub. FI took me their for our one-year anniversary, and let me tell you, nothing has ever lived up to that!
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