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I was just wondering if any could tell me about what they paid for there tuxs? and what does that include? We are on a very tight budget and alot of the groomsmen can't affored to buy there tux and shoes and i'm not even sure if a rental comes with the tie??? thanks

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    We are paying $130 from the Tux Shop and it came with jacket, pants, vest, shirt, tie and shoes!!!  This was a "high end" tux (their most expensive) and we got like $25 off it since I got my dress at Weddings By Design.  With that said, I think this is still a common price and a lot of places will give you a discount if you have several men renting.

    One option to look at would be to rent suits!! They look ALMOST identical, the only differece is they dont have satin on the lappel (sp?) but other than that you can still get a vest and things.

    Hope that helped!!!
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    We did our at Skeffingtons.  Grooms tux is free with 5 other paid rentals I believe.  The rentals come with pants, shirt, jacket, vest, tie, shoes, and cuff links.  I believe ours are $82 ish.  We went a less fancy tux because we have several people on a budget.  I think when we were there she told us that tuxes start at $75 maybe
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    Ours is $132.50 from Milroy's which includes the tux, vest, shirt, tie and shoes. It looks nice!
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    Thanks I think we will stop by Milroys ive heard good things about them!!

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    Ours are $140 from Milroys but my fiance had to go "top notch" on everything.  I think they had several that started in the $79 range and I think that included everything.
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