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Planning from Columbus!

Hello All! My name is Sarah and I just got engaged last week!! My fiance and I live in Columbus but we will be having our wedding in Cleveland next summer. We looked a couple places last weekend and are going back again this weekend to hopefully finalize the place and have a date set by the time we come home on Sunday! I wanted to tell people a couple of the places we are looking at and see what people think!! Here's where we have/are going to look at:
Columbia Ballroom
Tom's Country Place
German Culture Center
Avon Oaks
Sweet Valley Country Club

We do have a budget and are trying to keep it cheaper, but nice all the same. My parents are paying for it and it's very important to keep in budget, but important to my mom to be nice and classy. Any help would be great regarding those couple of places.

Also, is anyone else planning their wedding from a place where the wedding isn't going to be?! 

Congratulations All!
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Re: Planning from Columbus!

  • ayamm1123ayamm1123
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    Congrats and welcome! Best of luck planning and ask any questions – these ladies are all very helpful.  All of your location are reputable and good options so enjoy the selection process. 
  • pamela626pamela626
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    Congratulations!  Sounds like you're staying on the westside of town.  I'll add a few more places to look into:

    - Ahern Banquet Center (the old Irish Heritage Hall) in Avon - same caterer as Avon Oaks
    - Irish American Hall in Olmsted Falls (tricky if you have a lot of out-of-town guests)
    - Springvale
    - Wagner's Country Inn

    We're having our reception at Avon Oaks so let me know if you have any questions about it.  Obviously we don't know first hand but every time we mention it, everyone gives us rave reviews. 

    German Culture Center is great but if I remember correctly it's pretty big.  They're patio outside was fabulous when we went to a wedding there a few years ago.   

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    I am planning my Avon wedding from Oklahoma City so I understand how hard it is.

    Tom's Country Place MAY have gotten better since the last time I was there, but from what I remember it wasn't too great.
    We looked at Avon Oaks but thought it was a little pricey (especially the bar). Beautiful though!

    We are having our reception at Wagner's Country Inn in Westlake, VERY affordable and super nice/easy to work with. Also, if they don't have an event in the ballroom you choose (they have 5) they will let you set up/decorate as early as Thursday. They know I'm planning from out of town and they work wonderfully through e-mail.

    Where is your ceremony going to be?
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    Try looking at Michaud's Town & Country too...we booked there...you won't beat the prices.
  • spruce20spruce20
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    I'm planning from Columbus too!
    We got engaged a few weeks ago but the July 4th is the first time we can get up there. I'm sure everything will be closed that day. I'm going to try to set up a few apointments on the 14th or 15th.

    I would love to have My Grandma and Aunts home cooking for the wedding but with all the caterer / hall restrictions I'm not to optomistic that I'll find a place that will let me do that. Still going to try though.

    Any suggestions anyone? And yes the west side of cleveland (N. Ridgeville / Olmsted area)

    Good luck & thanks!
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    Ladies - I am planning from Cleveland -- but found this website an invaluable resource for researching ceremony / reception venues. Check out weddingwire.com.

    Best of luck!
  • ayamm1123ayamm1123
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    A hall on the W side that is BYOCatering/alcohol is Ruby's banquet hall

  • SarahM2012SarahM2012
    edited December 2011

    Congrats! Thats so awesome!  I'm in Columbus, having my wedding in Cleveland and named Sarah, cool? Yeah, I'm a dork sorry. You picked some really wonderful places. The weddingwire is super helpful for vendor ideas and reviews. If you lurk on the boards the advice and ideas are invaluable.  Best of luck to you guys!

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    St. Clarence (also Ahern Catering) will allow outside catering IF the event isn't fully catered by a single company.  You can bring your own food, and have different caterers drop off food,  but you can't have one caterer cater your entire event unless you use Ahern (does that make sense?)

    The pavilion is great (maybe better spring/fall due to lack of air conditioning!).   They also have a couple of other rooms.  

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