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photographer vs venue in vegas

my husband and I want to renew our vows in vegas next summer. I've been lookingat some of the chapels and most of the photographs suck and I'm pretty sure you cant bring in your own photographer. We either need to find a chapel with a good photographer or a good photographer that knows some other place where we can renew our vows cheaply...we don't need anything official since we are already married and it's just us two...just a pretty backdrop and a great photographer to capture the moment...any ideas?

Re: photographer vs venue in vegas

  • Come join us on the Vegas board. There are some chapels with great photographers, and some who let you bring your own photographer as well. Plus there are options to hire an officiant and do it somewhere besides a chapel as well, etc. 
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  • My best friend got married at the Flamingo, outside in a gazebo.  It was so nice and elegant and I think photography was included.  The pictures were pretty good too and the officant was the best I'd ever seen.
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