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Looking for someone that has been married recently at Bee Tree Park.  I think it is beautiful, but would just like some insider tips.  We are getting married in April

Heidi :)


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    I got married there in July, it was absolutely perfect, thanks to rain we had later in June, the flowers were all in bloom, the only thing we needed were a tent and chairs, I have pictures of it in my bio if you wanna look at them, feel free to PM me with any questions you might have!!
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    That's where my FI and I are getting married at in April!  What's your date?
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    Our date is April 14th.  We are looking for a beautiful outdoor venue with a contingency plan in case of rain or cold weather.  Im about ready to lose my mind!  :)
    Heidi :)
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    Um...that's our date!  We are getting married at the fountain right there in the park at 2.  Have you called and reserved the location? 
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    Can you do reception there? What do they charge for wedding there?
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    It's $20/hour to book Bee Tree.  I believe you can do receptions there, however, the pavillions seem rather small.  We are having our reception at the Riveside Shelter at Cliff Cave Park which is right down Telegraph. 
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    At cliff cave park if you rent the shelter can you put a sign that its privet party only?
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    I talked to the lady from Cliff cave she said you have to be out of park 1/2 hour after sunset and would not give me any more info. Did you have any trouble or any other news on that?
  • I responded to your other post!  I can't believe they told you that!  My contract that I signed says NO such thing. 
  • I am looking into doing my wedding at Cliff Cave also. I really want to do an outdoor wedding but I am afraid of it raining! Are you going to have a backup in case of rain?
  • I'm a photographer and have photographed some families there! The gazebo overlooking the water is beautiful! I say if it rains it rains! It did on our outdoor wedding, but stopped for the ceremony. I believe it's supposed tp be good luck! Im doing a few weddings for under $400 to build my portfolio if you need anyone! www.pifphotography.com
  • Jendoublen, call 314-615-4FUN that's the county parks number. Book your date asap cause October fills up fast. Its the High season if you haven't noticed by now. You can have your reception there but you should really get a tent with walls if you still want an outdoor reception there. There are only two locations to get married. The Mansion Garden holds up to 100 people. and the Overlook only holds 30. Good Luck. I'm having my ceremony in October as well at the Mansion Garden.
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