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Dungeons and Dragons Wedding

I'm still in the 'dream about the dream wedding' stage in the planning. Our date is so far out I have loads of time still to settle on a theme. 

But I'm seriously loving this DnD theme. We want a semi traditional ceremony with a nice reception with touches of DND nerdiness :3 I keep track of all my reception item ideas on pintrest so here's the link to my board there so you know what i'm aiming at.

The only big thing I can't seem to find is a cake. We want one that's 2 dragons dressed in bride and groom attire eating the bride and groom cake topper. If we can't find someone skilled enough to do it well then I think we'll go with the game board cake.

We want mainly silver and sapphire blue with bits and pieces of Dungeons and Dragons. The cake, the favors, the guest book and pen, the bride and groom champagne flutes, the food menus, and maybe some DnD figures on the tables...

Anyway, other suggestions would be nice. But don't be mean! I know Dungeons and Dragons is geeky and all that jazz and I love it. It's a big part of our lives. Heck, it's why we know each other! :D
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Re: Dungeons and Dragons Wedding

  • I think it's a fun idea since you and your FI like it. If it represents you and it is your idea of an awesome wedding, go for it!

    Would I do it for mine? Nope. But that's because I don't play! BUT, despite all the nasty comments I get, I'm getting married at Walt Disney World because it's just so "us". In fact, Goofy and Pluto will be at our reception; again, most people wouldn't do it but it is our idea of a perfect wedding.

    My advice: do your thing. :)

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    I think it sounds like fun! I personally really don't like D&D but that's just me. I wouldn't be upset at all to go to a wedding where that was the theme. My suggestion is do what you like but keep it as the "touches of D&D" like you mentioned above. That way people who have no idea what it is won't be wondering what the heck is going on and it still showcases who you are as a couple. You colours sound perfect for your idea. It just feels dragony lol . You could name table numbers after aspects of the game or have picture frames that look medieval. I'm sure someone on etsy could conjure up that cake topper for ya :)
  • I think it sounds like a fun wedding, and if it fits your personalities that well then go for it! I wouldn't do it for my wedding, but at the same time I don't know the first thing about DnD and neither does my FI lol
  • I always play a chaotic good (because it's just too much fun not to), so I HAVE to be for it!!

    Silvery chromey D20s on every table, character sheets for table settings, seating charts according to personality types (charisma, intellect, etc)

    Oh the fun!

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  • IabielIabiel member
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    This would be totally awesome! You can find LOADS of DnD stuff for weddings on etsy, I stumbled upon heaps of it while looking for Doctor Who stuff for my wedding!
  • MegenQMegenQ member
    I love this it is awesome. Me and my fi are doing a bioshock inspired wedding. Our cake toppers are delta big daddy and a big sister. Having d20's all over would be cool.
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  • I don't have links handy because I'm on my Nook, but I'm in the middle of planning a gamer wedding as well! 1. Inflatable d20 I'm sure you can think of epic ways to use it. 2. Chessex makes customized dice for favors 3. I found an artist that makes custom dragons for cake toppers. They did one that's two deagons sleeping with d20s. I found it through pinterest. 4. Try a local renaissance faire for your attire. I found a skirt, cheise, and corset fir less than a eedding dress from David's Bridal and my hubby found a doublet and pirate shirt. Yes, i said hubby. It's a vow renewal being done with the full suppirt of family who were not able to attend our courthouse wedding 5 years ago. They are aware it is a renewal soI'm not breaking etiquitte, and the family wants the ceremony. 5. Thyme2dream on Etsy makes elven circlets for men and women 6. Customized decks of cards are available through TK. They promote the gamer theme while giving non gamer guests something useful 7. Have you considered a cake shaped like polyhedral dice? I have one on my pinterest labeled "gamer cake" 8. There's some nice dice jewelry on Etsy that would go with wedding attire. Nicer than just a d20 on a chain. 9. What if your food was themed by alignment? Veal is evil, chicken is neutral, pasta is good, etc?
  • I want mine to be inspired by the Lord of the Rings Rivendell environment and clothing so you are not alone!
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