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sleeve length question

i'm curious to know if any of you ladies are wearing a dress with sleeves (if so what length) or a bolero jacket (sleeve length?) or no jacket at all

i tried on dresses for the first time today and i put on a 3/4 bolero with them and i love the look

i feel like it's more appropriate b/c my ceremony is going to be held in an orthadox synagogue-even though the rabbi said he didn't care

so opinions on sleeve length (and why) :-)
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Re: sleeve length question

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    I'm planning on wearing a half-length sleeve bolero for my wedding. I have a couple of large tattoos on my upper back as well as one on my arm that I'm sure my parents and grandparents wouldn't want to see in my wedding photos. I'll wear it for part of the reception, too, but as soon as the dancing starts it's coming off! :)
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    I am having cap sleeves added to my gown - I ordered extra lace to have the seamstress do this. I am sort of over the sleeveless look and even though our Rabbi said he didn't care, I would feel better with my shoulders covered.
  • LBRM_NJLBRM_NJ member
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    My dress had long, lace sleeves for my conservative wedding.  I couldn't imagine not wearing sleeves for a religious ceremony.  This is not a knock on those who don't wear sleeves, but, my personal belief.

    If you love the look of the bolero, definitely go for it!!  I think it would be a nice change from the 95% of brides who go strapless!
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  • RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    i wore a short sleeve lace bolero, i have pics if you're interested.
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  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    My dress came with detachable cap sleeves, but I'm getting them sewn on since I don't like strapless dresses.  However, one of my bridesmaids will be wearing a strapless dress, and my Conservative rabbi said that was OK.
  • Jeni35Jeni35 member
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    I actually am wearing my mum's dress and we took off the puffy sleeves so it is strapless. My veil is floor length and full and covers my shoulders, which is what the rabbi required. lately, I have been looking at bolero jackets though. My bridesmaids are wearing 3/4 sleeve jackets. For the Orthodox ceremony, I am certain strapless would not be allowed.
  • ShoshieShoshie member
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    I had long sleeves (see through with some lacing on it).

    The base of the dress was strapless, it looked like the sleeves were sewn onto it when I purchased it.
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  • razdazzlerazdazzle member
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     If I were getting married in a synagogie I would have added a 3/4 length bolero.  I agree with you that sleeves in a synagogue seems more appropriate. 

    I'm not getting married in a synagogue, and decided not to wear sleeves.  I asked the Rabbi and he said as long as my veil covers my shoulders he is fine with no sleeves. 
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    I had "sort of" jacket made; it attached to the inside of my sleeveless dress with velcro and zipped up in the back.  It was quite nice (pic in profile).  My rabbi wanted something but I also couldn't imagine being in a synagogue and not having my shoulders and arms covered - it was 3/4 in length.

    I wore it also for the cocktail hour and then took it off before we made our grand entrance at the reception.
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    I'm still trying to decide between a dress with opaque sleeves or a bolero.  I'm having a winter wedding, so at least I won't be burning with sleeves.  Both arms, my back, and a small part of my chest are tattooed and I want them covered for the wedding.  Most of my family doesn't like the ink, and neither does the future mother-in-law.  Plus, I can't imagine having a religious ceremony with them showing.
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  • sgessner1228sgessner1228 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm doing a lace bolero (in between elbows and shoulders) for the ceremony and bedekan and then going strapless for the reception (after the Jewish dancing).

    It was actually really cute- I've definitely become more (religiously) conservative than my mom, and at first she loved strapless for both ceremony and reception.  However, when we went dress shopping and I tried on the bolero, she become the strongest advocate for it. 

    Dress shopping has become a real bonding experience :)
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