South Lake Tahoe AFFORDABLE Transportation - here's my idea :)

Our wedding is booked at the Ehrman Mansion on West Shore but we would really like for our guests to stay in South Lake since that's where all the action/fun/casinos/heavenly village.... etc are.  Ok, I used to live in South Lake so I'm biased Tongue out

As anyone who has made the beautiful drive around the lake knows, the route between South Lake and West Shore (where the Ehrman Mansion is) is not only a long one, but a dangerous one.   My guests are definitely the type that enjoy a good open bar and the thought of everyone driving home over Emerald Bay Road after the party really worries me.   I looked into bus/shuttle companies but to arrange that for over 100 guests is $$$$$$$!!!   

My mom had the great idea to contact the South Lake School District to see if they rent out their school buses over the weekends.   I was doubtful but we called anyway and were pleasantly surprised to learn that this is something they are considering doing.   The department head, Christy, said that major budget cuts have caused them to start looking for other revenue streams and since they've received requests like this before, they were going to check with their insurance and school board policies to see if they can start offering private event transportation.  

So here's my plan.... If anyone is looking for affordable transportation in or around South Lake, call or email the school district and ask them.   The more requests they get, the better chance they will move to offer this service and the more $$$ we will all save!!  Here is the contact information:

SLT School District Transportation Dept.
Christy Blach
530-543-2218 ext. 261
[email protected]

Would love to hear back if anyone contacts them or if anyone has their own transportation suggestions.

Re: South Lake Tahoe AFFORDABLE Transportation - here's my idea :)

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    Such a great idea!!!  We're getting married at the Ehrman Mansion on 9/3.  We also hope to provide transportation for our guests from south lake....but the quote we got was ridiculous!  Have you heard anything back on whether the school district can accomodate you?
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     Also planning on Sugar Pine Point SP - what did you end up doing for transportation? 
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