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Hi!  I am trying to decide where to have my hair and makeup done for my April 2012 wedding.  I get my hair cut at the Aveda Institute regularly, and they offer bridal hair and makeup at ridiculously fabulous prices ($40 for hair and $28 for makeup, TRIALS INCLUDED!--and yes, the trial is with the same person who will be doing your hair for the wedding).  I do realize that we would have to get started a bit earlier the morning of the wedding than if the hair and makeup came to us, but I'm willing to do that for such a great price.  In particular, I don't want my bridesmaids to pay out the nose for these services (regular special occasion hair is $30 and make-up application is $15).

However, I'm curious whether anyone out there used them for a wedding before?  I LOVE getting my hair cut there but have never used them for something this important, nor have I gotten my makeup done there...  Good or bad experiences?  Would the make-up last through ceremony and pictures?


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    I've never used them for something like this, but have noticed they take FOREVER. Last time I got my hair colored there, I was there for 6 hours.

    I understand the cost savings, but from everything I have ever been a part of or read, if you are requiring your BMs to get their hair done, you should pay for it.

    If you want to keep costs low, you may want to look at hiring one of the recent grads from Aveda that may not have established clients yet. 
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    I am not requiring it, but some of them want to have it done.  I was recently in a wedding where it was my choice, and therefore I paid--it's a similar situation here.  My friends are cool with it--in fact, one of them was the bride in that wedding where I had to pay, and I paid much more than Aveda charges.

    At any rate, what I'm really interested in hearing about is whether anyone has had a first-hand experience with wedding hair and (particularly) makeup there?

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    I go to Honors Beauty College a lot and, honestly, while their services are great, I want a professional who is experienced in dealing with wedding parties and the time constraints we face. I'm willing to pay more to have that experience. If it's not in your budget, can you compromise? Maybe do you own make-up? 
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