What do you do when you don't like your fiancee's family?

My fiancee and I moved in with his family so we could save for a home. Now I have always had a great relationship with his mom. I thought there would be no problems. I was wrong. I have discovered some things about her and other members of the family that I just can't stand. So now I find myself not wanting to be around them at all. Now I know I can't stay away from them because they are becoming family. I just feel stuck. I am at a point were when I have to interact with them I dread it. Oh did I fell to mention his mom is taking her vacation the same time we are on our honeymoon in the same place. I love my husband to be, but I just don't know if I can deal with his family.  

Re: What do you do when you don't like your fiancee's family?

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    I think that once you move to a place of your own things will get better.  It's hard to adjust to living with people who arent your parents (or even your own parents) as an adult.  It takes a lot of work and compromise from both parties.  I love my mom she's my best friend but if we lived together someone would be dead before the month is out.  For the sake of your relationship with the FI and relationship with the in laws you guys may want to consider getting your own place.  I know you are saving for a home, but if you are this stressed now it will only get worse and may create a strain between you two.  If that isn't possible it may be a good idea to sit down with your mother in law and discus some of the things that are bothering you. 

    Oh and who the heck books a vacation the same place their kids are honeymooning.  Unless this is a destination wedding this is wrong!  The only thing I can say about that is you may want to lay down some ground rules beforehand.  That this is your honeymoon and bonding time not family time. 

    Good luck!

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    What's really going on?  What does your FI think about his mom's vacation?  I would talk to him and get him to show his mother how this is just wrong!

    As far as the living situation, I'm with OFF.  You may be saving money, but peace of mind is much more valuable.  Living in someone else's house can always be difficult.  Plus, you have the added stress of the wedding.  These two items are bad enough by themselves. Taken together, I understand why you're going mad.
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