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Hello, I'm a Portland Nestie helping a friend of mine find some ideas for her wedding venue.  Due to law school commitments, they can only get married in December or June.  They are looking to have about 60 people and spend no more than $5K, anywhere within an hour of Portland.  Can anyone suggest any venues??  I was not married here so I have no clue what is out there.  Thanks ladies!

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    In June they could do city parks, which are going to be the cheapest. If they wanted indoors, I don't know Portland at all. Parks, community centers, and churches are going to be the best all around option. Sorry I couldn't help more.
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    we have a strict budget of 5k and we're going with the North Star Ballroom...

    But we're also self catering, and have a free dj/bartender/day of coordinator/officiant.
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    Our entire wedding budget was $5000 (for 120 guests), and we were married at McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in Hillsboro.  Probably not an ideal winter venue, but June would be great.
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    We also have a $5,000 budget, and are getting married this Saturday at The Settlemier House in Woodburn.  It is so beautiful there.  Tell your friend to check it out!
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    McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove has  a great indoor venue for a December wedding. I have friend who booked her wedding for last December on a saturday for under $4000.00 this included all the food drink catering staff bartenders linens etc.. everything she needed it was abeutiful wedding..
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    The World Forestry Center is not very expensive and they have various options for spaces.  We booked a space that can hold up to 230 people for a seated meal for about 3K.  You also have the space for about 11 hours.  The only trick is you have to use one of their preferred caterers.  I liked that it is right on the max line so out of town guests who stay downtown don't have to rent a car if they don't want to.
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