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New to board...is this too expensive?

Hey there...new to the flowers board....need a little advice on the prices I was just quoted for flowers etc etc...

I got my quote last night from the flower lady (who I was TOLD was a very reliable lady, but we met early August to get things started, and I had to email her 3 times to get the quote sent to me), and anyways I said my budget was $600-$700 for flowers, and I get a quote for $897!!!!

I've got the typical array of what people get... my boquet, 4 BM boquets, 4 parents boutineers, and 3 usher boutineers.   And I'm just wondering....what should I be paying?  I don't think I'm going to do flower type centerpieces...so unless theres something hidden in my quote, I think almost $900 is a bit spendy...

Any ideas?   And, any suggestions on how to tell the lady I've gotta bring it down?  I sound like a wuss, I know, but I get really awkward in situations like that. 


Re: New to board...is this too expensive?

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    If you can't afford that, you can't afford that.  Just tell her and see what she can do.  And don't back down.  And if you have to go somewhere else, then oh well.

    What type of flowers matter, also your location matters.  $900 doesn't seem too absurd, to me, but I'm no expert.  I'm doing all of my own flowers, with a budget of $250, so I'm not much help.  LOL

    But, my cousin is getting married 2 weeks before me.  Her mom got a $1200 quote from the florist and just said, "We need to talk.  I am NOT paying that much for what you're giving us, so you need to tell me how we can get that lowered." and the guy came down to $900 without even subtracting anything.
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    It really depends on what kind of flowers you are using and the cost of living in your area.  Have you gotten quotes from other florists because that is the only real way to tell.  You may want to post a request for recommendations on your local board.
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    I talked to a reputable floral designer in town.  With the wedding being in July 2011, and having 5 BMs, 5 GMs, 2 FGs, 2 RBs, and a handful of centerpieces, she was able to make everything come true for $600.  Granted, the flowers were local, in season, and fairly "ordinary" like roses, hydrangea, etc.  But what mattered to me was that the colors match and the  fullness.  And she accomplished that within my budget.
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    This is the average of what i've seen for each: total of $435
    $125 bridal bouquet
    $55 for BM bouquets
    $15 for parent bouts
    $10 usher bouts

    I do think she went over board. I interviewed 7 people before deciding on one. I'm not saying she isn't capable of handling this but I wouldn't be comfortable having to email her 3 times to remind her of the quote she was supposed to send me a month ago. I would interview other people just to see what they say. Also, florists provide quotes expecting them to be negotiated.

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    Here are the prices I've received from florist I've interviewed... I thought one was very reasonable but the other one I received was outrageous!!! ... so I'm still interviewing...

    Bridal Bouquet: $225 - $287
    Bridesmaids Bouquets: $60 - $90/each
    Flower girls: $18 - $35/each
    Mother's Hand Bouquet: $25
    Mother's Corsage - Wrist: $30
    Corsages: $8 - $15/each
    Groom and Groomsmen Boutonniere: $ 7-$10/each

    Short Table Centerpieces: $65 - $162/each
    Tall Table Centerpieces: $100 - $385/each

    Only received 1 quote for the following:
    Staircase arrangements (1 on each side for the bottom of a grand staircase): $75/each
    Cake flowers (orchids): $50
    Alter arrangements: $430/each!!!
    Pew ends: $50/each!!!

    I just wanted to see how much something like this picture would cost... so one florist...

    Ready for this... minimum of 25 Phalaenopis steams and 200 Dendrobium stems... the florist quoted me $2000 for 1 arrangement!!! Surprised

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    cvgomez makes a good point. Are you using exotic stems? If they are hard to come by, imported, exotic then things will cost more. You can easily lower the cost by using different stems.

    Apparently not Phalaenopis or Dendrobium....geezum!
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    I think it's too much.  My flowers were at just $1K and that was for my bouquet, 20 centerpieces, 13 bouts, 2 corsages and 2 fg baskets.  Though, I used in season flowers (hydrangeas, roses, dahlias, gladiolas).

    For your budget, I highly recommend getting in-season flowers.  The pickier you are with your flowers the more $ it will be.
  • Bridgebo117Bridgebo117 member
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    @cvgomez...first of all, holy crap. Thats quite a lot of money.

    I think I might call and get a quote from another place, too. thanks, ladies, for all of the great advice. I looked everything over again, and I really do like this lady, but I might need to pare down on some things... we had initially discussed having centerpieces, but at the last minute I decided that we would hold off on that, because I am curious about having our cupcakes be the centerpieces at the table...kind of pull "double duty" as a centerpiece and dessert- but since my mother was there who never keeps her mouth quiet for a moment (ha, dear mom), she might have missed my request to just delete that part... soooooooo I think thats the big problem.  So, I obviously can't read a quote very well if I initially missed the whole damn part about the centerpieces.   Way to go, me.

    But, thanks so much for your time!!!
  • Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    Almost $900 for 5 bouquets and 7 bouts seems pretty high to me.  But a lot depends on what kind of flowers you are using, and typical prices in your area.

    Were you very specific in what flowers you wanted, or did you just give her an idea of what you wanted?

    Get two more quotes from other florists, and see how they compare.  Then go with the one that offers the designs you want within your budget, that has good references.
  • iloveu4everiloveu4ever member
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    I am doing my own flowers because my aunt knows how to make boutnierres or however you spell it. I am getting my flowers in bulk.

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    I guess it depends on the specifics, but I think that's way too much.  We are on a super tight budget, so I am trying to keep flowers under $250, so I may be a poor judge, but that sounds like a lot for what you're getting.
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