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Hello Everyone...  while I have it in mind to do so... here are the reviews I have for the vendors I used for my wedding. I had a really small family only wedding... so there were a few things I didnt do... like a caterer and a professonal photographer... but I will include everything else.

Rehearsal Dinner: Pamlico Jacks - Nags Head
These guys were excellent! I made the reservation a month in advance, and when I made them, the hostess at the time did not let me know that the restaurant was going to be closed the day of our choosing. So when I called back a month later... (1 week before the wedding) they told me that even though they are typically closed that day (we got married during the week in the off season) since it was an error on their end, they were going to open the restaurnat any way. They gave us excellent seating  in the top room right in front of the window so we could witness the sunset. The servers were fantastic, they had great recoomendations and were very accomodating, we also even had a visit from the owner himself to make sure everything went well. I would reccomned these guys to anyone. I also might note that we had a vast range of paletts with us... from very picky children.. to very picky adults... and everyone found something they loved for a pretty decent price.

Cake / Baker: Tulios Pastry - Duck
The cake that Tulios baked for us was excellent. We went with these guys because our wedding was so small, so we didnt have the need to give 100 people cake. What they prepared for us was delicious, and very cost effective. We even got a few pastrys for the next morning that everyone devoured!

Spa / Bachelorette Party Lunch: Aqua Day Spa & Restaurant - Duck
I was actually really disapointed in the spa. I made reservations for 7 manicures and pedicures back in September, and when I called to confirm our appointment the week before the wedding, they assured me that everything was in order... but that it would take us 3 1/2 hours to have our nails and toes done... I was shocked! 3 1/2 hours?!?! The girl explained to me that it took 1/2 hour to do each, and they only had 2 people on staff that day. So they knew they had a bridal party coming in but they only put 2 people on staff? I was pissed... I know it's the off season but come on! I dont know of a single adult who is willing to sit for 3 1/2 hours just to get their nails and toes done... I was pissed and PROMPTLY cancelled my appointment. However my SIL still wanted to have lunch at the restaurant so we did so. The food was excellent and the service was pretty good. The ladies and I got pretty tipsy while consuming their signature "duck diva" (think mimosa with pomegranate) and telling stories about my husband...

Equipment / Linen Rentals - Metro Rentals - Nags Head (? or Kill Devil Hills)
These guys were great, and super easy to work with. They do TONS of weddings, as is evident when you walk in their show room. They were quick and easy, had everything ready for us when we arrived, and promptly took care of everything when we dropped it off. The serverware and linens we used were pristine, and beautiful. Probably the most hassell-free vendor we had!

Officient - Leslie Buck - Saints Alive Ministry
I really liked Leslie. She was really personable and gave a great message. The only thing I might watch out for is that in terms of communication she wasnt the greatest. We communicated on the phone twice, and perhapst 2 or 3 times via e-mail... and she wasnt exactly prompt. I know she's a minister... and not to be a zilla... but she waited 10 days before letting my Husband and I know that she recieved our payment..... and when you are paying for a whole bunch of things all at once... that can cause some stress! So if you are a bride that requires a ton of reassurance... I miiiiight not reccomend her for this reason. But on a personal level she was great.

One other thing that really irked me... was that when it came down to signing the liscense... she used up both witnesses from my side. It was supposed to be my brother and my husbands brother... but she used my brother and my mom for some reason... I was in my bedroom getting ready while all this was happening, but apparently my MIL and SIL all tried to tell her our requests... and she just wouldnt listen... I didnt know until later on that evening, when it was too late to do soemthing about it... also, my brother was supposed to do a readign for us during the ceremony... but when it came time for that verse to be read... she just barrelled on a head and read it herself. I guess I have mixed feelings about this one. She was really nice, but I wish she would have been paying a little more attention to our wishes.

I hope this helps...

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    Hey- where did you end up getting your nails done? Sorry to hear about what happened!
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    I did them myself actually.. I set up the spa day more as a way of having fun... but I never say nails as a real necessity, but I tend to keep my natural nails in pretty good shape, so i put a coat of light pink polish on them, filed them down and considered it done... however my SIL's and MIL got theirs done at a little place in Nag's Head... in the shopping center with the Applebees and the Outback steakhouse... it was just a little walk in, but according to them they were fast, and did a great job... not a spa, but definately sufficient. Good Luck!!
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    where did you get your hair and makeup done?
  • Do NOT use Bells & Whistles for your wedding. Dorothy took a $500 deposit from me, ignored me until 3 weeks before my wedding, FINALLY sent me a proposal for flowers that included $3,000 of services we never discussed, told me that I cannot change our contract because it's too close to the wedding, charged me ANOTHER $500 to my credit card without my authorization, and did not do ANY flowers for my wedding. It took 6 weeks after my wedding to get a "refund" and Dorothy only sent me $150.00. This is THE WORST business I have ever dealt wiht, and was an absolute nightmare before my wedding.
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