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Has anyone used Cuvee as a reception site?  If so, how was it and what was the price to rent the space?  I am thinking of using Chef Jack as my caterer.

Re: Cuvee

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    if i recall  the rental fee for cuvee is 2k....
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    Ditto on Cuvee rental fee, but if you want to rent out the bar area, it's like another 2500 because you have to shut the public space down.  It wasn't worth it for me, because I have better uses for 4500 dollars plus catering!  Chef Jack is very nice, and I hear their food is very good.  My friend used them and recommended them to me, but I chose the InterContinental because I didn't want everything a la carte: tables, silverware, linens, plates, catering etc.
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    How did you like the Intercontinental...I was looking there too
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    I like it a lot, mainly because of the manager there, Sydney Johnson.  She's on top of her stuff, and very eager to help and SUPER friendly.  They are pricey, but at least you're not paying for a rental fee, it's all going toward something you get in return, not just for use of the air (essentially).  They are willing to work with you on the budget, but I have an off-peak wedding date, so I don't know what it would be for summer/fall weddings.   I also have about 150 ppl on my guest list, so that's working in my favor too.  Bridget Gallagher is under Sydney and she's awesome too. :)  I looked so many places--Grain Exchange, Cuvee, Historical Society, Villa Terrace, Charles Allis Museum, Villa Filomena--and decided on the InterCon, because at the end of the day, I wanted my guests to be able to take an elevator to their room at the end of the night.  I have a lot of out-of-town guests.  I didn't want the hotel ballroom reception, but the InterCon was a happy medium, because it's modern and all-inclusive.  Hope this helps!
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    We are getting married @ Cuvee and using Chef Jacks as well.
    We are renting the entire space @ Cuvee and it is costing us 6K. (w/ gratuity)

    THe space is beautiful if you are having a smaller wedding like we are. We are doing a late night wedding and serving cocktails and hors d' oeurves.

    The owner of Cuvee is often MIA which is what I heard from other brides that had there weddings there. Somehow, however, she pulls it all together.

    I hope this helps! If you go on Chef Jack's website (Choose the FLASH version) there are pics of weddings they have done @ Cuvee. 

    Good Luck! :) 
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    We looked at Cuvee.  It was going to cost way to much too rent out the entire space.  Just for rental it was going to be well over 5K and I think that's just unreasonable for the amount of space provided.  We are having about 150-200 guests and so the hall seemed to be an awkward and tight space for us.  When we viewed the space, we met with Constance and the owner happened to be there too, but I can't remember her name.  I got a bad vibe from Constance - she was too robotic for me.

    We are thinking about using Chef Jack's for catering and have a tasting arranged in July with them.  I haven't heard one negative thing about the service or food from Chef Jack's. 
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    I work in the wedding business and if you like Cuvee then you would probably also like Aloft Hotel and Joey Buona's.  The Aloft Hotel is new and it is very modern.
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