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Can anyone tell me possbile wedding locations?  I've read the comments on here and we have seen the basic ones that most people talk about.  I am still waiting to hear back from Roswell River.

 Does anyone live near a lake?  Are there any marinas or restaurants that have a place that could have a wedding located on the lake?  My brother got married last summer at a place in TN really cheap.

I'm looking for a place that is like under $1000 and preferabley would allow outside catering?

Any ideas are helpful!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Wedding Locations

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    Could you provide a little more info? I have caught on that you are looking for something by water, but when is your date? How many people? Etc, etc, etc...
    We'd be happy to help!

    I wonder if Prince William and Kate are registered at Target?
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    We're looking at 6/11/11 (Saturday)  as the day.  The # of people will be no more than 125, probably closer to 100.  It really does not have to be by water but we really do like the backround of a lake/river.  I think something that had a garden/gazebo area would be fine as well. 

    We really are open to anywhere inbetween Atlanta and Chattanooga. 
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    Reserve a shelter at Red Top Mountain State park, for $250 you can have an indoor facility that fits 100 people.  It has a back deck and then then you have some ground space with grass and trees that looks out over the lake.  It's a great view and VERY budget friendly!  Good Luck!!
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