New venue needed- helping a friend

Hi Knotties-

My dear friend is getting married next month in Portland. Their situation has changed drastically in the last few weeks and that means that they can no longer afford to have the event at the venue they had originally decided on.

I am wondering if anyone might have leads for some place either very inexpensive, or (even better) free! The date is set for October 21st, which is a Sunday, at 2pm.  The guest list is only about 40 people.

Any leads you could provide would be wonderful. Thanks so much!


Re: New venue needed- helping a friend

  • Since it's so close, it might be worth calling some of the more expensive venues to see if they'd do it for a reduced fee if they're not booked.  Gets them a booking, saves your friend money.

    If that is still too much, I'd check parks in the area, but I'd only do covered areas just in case.  You could also check granges - I know Milwaukie has two - as they tend to be cheaper.

  • Columbia cottage at Columbia park is very inexpensive. Its not beautiful but it's cute, has a small kitchen, bathrooms, tables. It holds 80 people so it wouldn't be overwhelming. Maybe try Kennedy school, the village ballroom or the laurelhurst club? I don't know their prices but I've heard it's not bad. PM me if you want more ideas, I'm a complete budget geek.
  • Thanks for the ideas, everyone!!
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