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Boudoir pictures

Hey ladies (and Rick),
I can't post this on our Facebook page because Joel reads that, but not this! I had boudoir pics done today and had so much fun! I am so excited to give them to Joel on our wedding day. The hardest thing is going to be to keep it a secret until JUNE!!!

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    OOoooo how fun! I wanna do something like that sooo bad! Was it awkward at all? I feel like my problem would be being too shy...I'd def have to have a few drinks before I think haha.. How are you gonna put the pics for him - an album, collage, ??

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    Ohhhhh, how fun!  He's going to love those! 
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    Our photographers are a husband and wife team that we loved from our first meeting with them. Since we've already done engagement pictures, we've already gotten somewhat comfortable with them. The wife (Sarah) did the shoot with me today and we were both a little uncomfortable when we started as this is her first boudoir shoot. She's so great, though, and I got pretty comfortable fast. They're both the type of people that I would love to be friends with and they're very laid-back, which makes it easy to be in front of their cameras!
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    Awesome!  I'm glad you had fun!  I'm planning on doing this in March (when I'm in marathon shape!) too, so it's reassuring that you had a great time doing them and it wasn't too awkward!
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    I would LOVE to do this but I'm so scared!  Haha!
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    Yay how fun Emily!!! He will love them I'm sure :)
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    I am so planning on doing this!  I actually bought a groupon for a photographer and have it scheduled for february.  Now this is my question... what did you wear and I hope you dont mind me asking, but do you have a perfect body or are there things you tried to conceal?  I am not such a huge fan of my legs :(  I plan on giving my fiance an i pad I have been saving for for the last two years with these pictures on it :)
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    I had four "outfits" -- we started with his Redskins jersey -- which is huge and was pretty much the equivalent of wearing a dress and worked, well, down from there. The second was a pair of white ruffly boy shorts and a white a tank top with a veil. Then I had two sets from Victoria's Secret, the last one being a bra and boy shorts. I was shocked at how comfortable I was, actually. Of course I have insecurities just like the next girl, but my photographer and I were talking to each other the whole time and joking around so that interaction DEFINITELY helped!
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    Oooh that sounds like a great idea, but I'm a bit chicken too.  I guess I should start working out now :)

    Who were the photographers you used?
  • One of my best friends got married in the Outer Banks last year and she hired All Eyes on the Bride to do her makeup for a boudoir photo shoot she did and for her wedding day. She made an album from the boudoir photo shoot for their one year anniversary gift.

    I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and the makeup artist Lauren was fantastic, we all looked stunning, and she did airbrush makeup which was fantastic. I stopped at her booth and chatted her up to say hello. I told her I would definitely be booking her for my wedding makeup in 2013!
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