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a bit different ketubah question

I know the ketubah is signed before the wedding ceremony yet I have seen the ketubah already in a frame at the ceremony and/or reception.  How is this all done?  Is the frame a temporary one?  I figured people would get custom framing yet how would one take it out before the ceremony to sign it?

Thanks for any help.  We're stumped as to how this is all done.

Re: a bit different ketubah question

  • Musicheals71Musicheals71
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    I followed 2dBride's example and had the custom frame put on without the glass so that the ketubah could be signed while it remained flat and the edges were protected.  It was displayed on an easel borrowed from the synagogue during the reception.  Then after the wedding, I went back to the store and had the glass put on it.  I got it framed at Michael's when they had a 60% coupon in their circular, but they have them pretty often.  But beware, even at 60% off, the frame was still expensive, about $130!  That cost almost as much as the ketubah itself!
  • becunning2becunning2
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    You can definitely get a "temporary" frame so that it's protected at the wedding reception. That way, it's safely transported, no one accidently spills anything on it, and it can still be merrily displayed at your reception.  That's the simplest way to handle it--custom framing takes time!  (And money!)
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    I didn't want mine framed before because I thought it would be awkward to sign.  So, I bought a piece of hard foamboard and a piece of thick plastic and had them cut to the size of the ketubah.  Then, I put photo corners in the corners of the foamboard.  I was able to slip the ketubah right into the photo corners and then do the same with the plastic.  It made it very easy to remove the plastic to sign.
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  • Magdala9Magdala9
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    We used a cheap poster frame for the ceremony and then had a gorgeous custom framing job performed later after the ceremony.  
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    We had the same question, and when we took our ketubah to Michael's, they said they usually just put it in the frame and leave the glass out (and you then bring it back after the wedding and they'll put the glass in).  That's what we ended up doing, and it worked out really well!
  • lioranplioranp
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    Many people choose to purchase inexpensive ketubah sleeves/envelopes for the day of the wedding to display their ketubah before getting it professionally framed. You can buy these at Judaica stores or in our case, from our ketubah artist.
    We are getting our ketubah from http://www.artbybatya.com. The artist, Batya Weinstock, makes beautiful custom ketubot!!  We are very excited :)
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