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6 Days Left!! Wedding Planner Problems!

My day of coordinator just informed me that she isn't staying during the whole reception. Isn't her job to see that the reception runs smoothly from start to finish?! I am super stressed out now! She is also on vacation during my wedding week!? So the next time I will see her is at the rehearsal this Friday!!!! AHHHHH

Re: 6 Days Left!! Wedding Planner Problems!

  • i'm sorry!  Being on vacation the week of the wedding is not good timing, that would make me uncomfortable to say the least.  I read while researching for coordinators, that some don't stay for the whole reception, and I thought that was kind of strange.  I'm sorry and hope it all works out!
  • As long as she has everything well planned and communicated with your vendors, her leaving early shouldn't be that big of a deal.  I would make sure that before she left she checked in with a family member or you and gave you an update as to what was done, where things are, etc. 
    Don't be afraid to ask questions or requests that will make you feel better.  I'm sure she understands that you feel nervous about her taking vacation during your wedding week.  I'm sure she took this in to consideration with careful planning for you!  Hang in and trust she can get her job done!!
  • I can definitely understand why you would be stressed out with her being on vacation the week before your wedding. Does she work for a company? Is there someone you can contact while she's gone?

    As far as her not staying for the entire reception, I wouldn't stress. Once dinner is over and the dancing begins, not much can go wrong. Once your guests are dancing, the dj is already there so there isn't much room for error!

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