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Stonefire Grill Catering?

Hi Ladies,

I was wondering if anyone has used Stonefire grill for any event they've had? I wanted to know what the plates are like that they provide? They have this on their website:

FULL SERVICE CATERING Members of the STONEFIRE Catering Team will arrive ahead of your scheduled serving time to set up, serve and clean. A delicious meal with a full service buffet, including chafing dishes, serving utensils, quality plates and cutlery will be provided. Minimum number of guests is 30. Servers are based on availability, so please plan in advance.

I'm just curious what "quality plates and cutlery" mean to them?
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Re: Stonefire Grill Catering?

  • There food is really good...Ive never used their catering but as pp I have placed large orders and it turned out fine. I wanted to possibly use them for our rehearsal dinner.
  • They had them on some wedding show years ago, where they were able to do a wedding lin LA, dress and all, for under $10,000. I've always wondered what their food is like for catering. I would call first, then set up an appointment to go and see what their plates and silverware look like.
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  • My Fiance and I are having Stone Grill cater our wedding for our July Wedding. When they say "quality plates and cutlery" they are refering to paper plates and plastic cutlery. So, we are going to rent plates and silverware from another vendor. They also have a phone number under their catering section on their website that you can call and ask as many questions as you like. They also offer a free taste testing!!! Me, my fiance, and some other friends went and there was enough food to feed everyone.
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