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An Update!!

Okay Ladies, here is an update!
My FI and I have decided on two locations that are in our price range and look amazing! I have found a photographer since the one I had doesn't return my messages! And I have a new job so I can finally get started on these wonderful DIY projects that I have and I am about to try and find the best cake bakery in the state of Alabama! I have so much to do but yet I feel no pressure about it! I finally moved back in with my mother and it has been HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is already making me regret the decission to stay here! How did I live here before? Anywho, I refuse to let her rain on my parade or anyone else who is clearly upset for nothing! I'm also happy to report that soon I will have another car and another apartment so that when my FI gets back we can return to wedding planning and our happy life together! Y'all I'm just so happy and overjoyed!! I can't believe that this is finally happening!! In a few months some of us with be married ladies!! *GIGGLES ON THE INSIDE* 

Well ladies I will keep you all updated as long as I can!! PLEASE DO NOT STOP PRAYING FOR ME!! I REALLY NEED!!!

Love and blessings,
Kursten B.
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