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MB vista suite? outside food/drink?

Can you have outside food and beverage at Mandalay Bay Vista Suite for your Insuite reception or does MB prohibit. i have heard some hotels do that. 

Anyone know? 

Re: MB vista suite? outside food/drink?

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    Mandalay Bay 100% lets you bring in outside catering. It is a very popular suite to have a reception.
  • keana123keana123 member
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    Ditto Kmills, however I think it's more of a don't ask don't tell situation since they have a catering depatment.
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    Thanks! Just booked it!
  • Lenore2010Lenore2010 member
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    We are having our welcome dinner at our suite at the Bellagio. Because of their "policy" we are definitely not advertising that we are serving our own alcohol. I actually asked In Room Dining about it, and they said "are policy is we have nothing to do with it".
    I think they only make a fuss if you have a vendor come and do a bar for you. They are not really talking about liquor store bottles.
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