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My First Time...

having a wedding nightmare!

We skipped the ceremony- but were still somehow married. Arrived to the reception of 50 people (which was supposed to be 200). Two guests got into a fist fight outside. Everyone started to leave after an hour (before we cut the cake, danced, etc). Apparently our reception was at a shoe store, because then the workers started putting back the racks of shoes where the dancefloor was. I just sat down and started crying over what a disaster it all was!

Bizzare! Yes- but I'm sure there's more to come---sadly! (where the heck do these random shoe details come in?)

Re: My First Time...

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    I do not miss the nightmares at all, I had them non-stop for about 10 months.  The weird thing is, mine also always involved wedding details there was never a nightmare about DH leaving me at the altar or anything like that.

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  • vk2204vk2204
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    Ahhhh, you guys are making me nervous haha!
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    Yikes! I was so thankful that I didn't have "nightmares" until 2-4 months before the wedding. You still have awhile so hopefully you don't have too many more!

    I love how dreams can be soooooooo random (like, the shoe store thing). It always makes me laugh. 

    I do NOT miss wedding dreams at all though. 
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    Ahh! I still have about 18 months until my wedding so I'm not stressing yet, but I am not looking forward to the wedding nightmares kicking in when things get close!

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  • matuofmmatuofm
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    Now that I've actually gotten married, I've graduated to dreams about my marriage itself getting ruined.  It's a nice change.  ;)
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  • emarston1emarston1
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    I actually had a wedding nightmare a few weeks ago.  We apparently were having an at home reception (even though we got married in Michigan).  I decided to dye my dress green so people would know that our colors were green and white.  It actually looked pretty cute from what I recall but then I had a panic attack that people allowed me to dye my beautiful dress green.  Then no one would tell us any information about the AHR (date, time, location, etc.) so at the last minute they were like OK GET READY!!  I was panicking because I couldn't do my hair, make up, nails and would look ugly in my green dress.

    I woke up and started laughing asking, "Where did THAT come from?"  But then had to double check to make sure I really didn't dye my dress green.  No worries ladies, I didn't :)
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