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  • HyVee is probably your best bet for catering. Check other grocery stores too or some local restaurants too.

    As for location I think you might be better off having an early reception or on an off day like a Friday. They tend to be cheaper. My best friend had her reception at the Firemans Union Hall off of 60th and I-80 and I don't remember the exact price but it was pretty inexpensive.


  • Our reception venue is Regency Lake and Tennis Club.  It allows outside catering and is $650.  We are getting our catering done for $6.50/person for a taco bar by Jonesys Taco.  I know someone having a pasta bar by Sgt Pfeffers for $6/person as well.  
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  • If you need a big space for cheap, we're going with Round the Bend Steakhouse. It's outside of Omaha, but it's only $800, and generally the night before won't be rented so you can decorate ahead of time. Its capacity is 450, So there's a lot of space to work with. We're actually doing an outdoor ceremony about 5 miles from there, so it's our back up ceremony place if the weather is bad.  
    The pictures aren't great on the website.

    I'm doing Sullivan's Catering out of Malcolm, NE (going small town makes everything cheaper). We're doing a buffet style. Choice of 2 entrees, one potato, two vegetables, and a salad. $7.25 per person plus 6.5% tax. My sister used her and it was delicious. I'm vegetarian and she made a veggie lasagna for me. I don't think she charged for travel since it was fairly close to Malcolm. She might for Omaha, but it might be worth it for those prices. 402-450-9706. The owner is Carlene Sullivan.
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  • Bellevue Berry Farm might be under $1,000.
  • Bellevue Berry Farm doesn't allow outside catering.
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