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Over 50 and getting Married Second Time around...

Are there any brides that are over fifty years old and planning a wedding?  I would like to share ideas about the wedding dress style, color, where to purchase?  We are having a small wedding, nonetheless I would like the celebration

to be beautiful and memorable.  Does any one have ideas and suggestions.  Please help...thank you.

Re: Over 50 and getting Married Second Time around...

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    first of all, congratulations, getting married is a happy time at any age
    there are/were some brides on here over the average age....but we can all help, just let us know what you are looking for
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    There's actually a Second Weddings board here, so maybe you'd like to pop over there once in a while for tips:

    But that's certainly not kicking you off the New Jersey board! Stay and chat, we're a fun group. This board has a lot of traffic (unlike some State boards that only get two or three posts a day, if that), so you will get a lot of good recommendations here for local vendors. Plus we talk about everyday stuff all the time.

    What kind of dress are you looking for? Do you want a "traditional" bridal gown? Would you like a simpler white gown? Do you want a colored evening gown? Do you want something with a jacket or sleeves, or do you want to go sleeveless/strapless? Let us know and maybe we can help.
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    Welcome! As pp (previous poster) said though many (certianly not all) of us are first time brides everyone will be happy to help with local vendor reccomendations. There are a lot of married girls who still post who are very helpful since they've already had their weddings!!
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    Hello, you are all so nice, thank you for making me feel welcomed.  I don't know what is appropriate for my age.  I would probably want an ice blue long gown with 3/4 sleeves.  My wedding is at the end of January.  We are only inviting our immediate family.  We don't know if we are going to rent a place, go to a restaurant or just have the wedding in Michaels house.  He has a very large beautiful den with lots of windows and a fireplace.  I thought I would decorate the windows, have tables with fabulous table cloths, flowers, a round table with vintage raw silk table cloth for the cake,  a nice chuppah decorated with flowers.  I like ice blue for the color of the wedding.

    Thank you also for sending me to the area for second marriages.  I will look there, and I feel as if you guys are my friends.....

    Best regards to all of you and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!

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    I don't think you're automatically roped into wearing certain outfits just because of your age ... I've seen plenty of brides beyond their 20s who wore "traditional bridal gowns" and looked great.

    Maybe go to a bridal salon and try on some gowns if you want that experience. These all come in Ice Blue (Oceana):

    Also try department stores and formal clothing boutiques:

    Or, you could try on some bridesmaid's dresses and see if you like any of those, then order in the ice blue color. Maybe something like these: and (comes in floor-length) (pair with a cute jacket or bolero/shrug)
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    I agree with pp, you dont have to wear a specific style just because of your age. If you can pull off the look, then go for it!

    It seems that you have great ideas as far as decorating if you are going to have the wedding at his house. You can put lots of candles in the windows....

    Just ask away and we should be able to help!
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    Congrats and welcome to the board!

    I know this photographer has experience with 2nd weddings:

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to the NJ boards. Im a little late so I hope youre still checking this thread. You definately dont need to wear something just because of age/second wedding. Wear something you feel fabulous in and that is the most important thing. It sounds like you have some great ideas on the actual wedding but we are all more than happy to give lots of advice.

    As for dresses if you are looking for something untraditional and depending on your budget and i guess where you are located there is a store in Millburn called Nita Ideas. She has lots of black tie gown and customizes pretty much anything with enough time. Her stuff has a different feel and is a lot of fun.  My mom and I have been shopping there for over 15 years for all of our fancy events. (nope, im not a vendor sorry if this sounds like an ad).

    Good luck and HTH.

    I agree with PPs that you should check out some bridal gowns BM dresses that come in different colors too.
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    Thank you for the great links, I love the dresses, the colors are great!  I truly appreciate your comments about wearing what I think  would look good  even if the dress is white.  Absolutely, the candles would add a great ambient to the space. I would probably paint a table with lots of white and ice blue paint add a border on the table to hold the paint until it dries to give the look of ice use this table for the favorites, afterwards I can use the table as a decoration accent.  I like the idea of having the wedding at his house for the simple reason that whatever decoration I come up with can be used in the future....I am after all a sustainable person would not like to send stuff to the dumpster, it's such a waste.

    These colors are very elegant!

    Beautiful country cakes, very simple and probably tasty..

    This image is from the ice hotel, I can paint one table to look like ice for the favorites

    I like the ice blue, but I also like the Country French which is blue and yellow.

    This is the country style yellow and blue, it's really classy

    This is a beautiful aqua it!

    I also like this combination of colors very elegant!

    The sunflowers are so simple and country style...

    This is a very soft palette wonderful combination of colors...

    This color combination is just beautiful...

    I really like the softness of the fabric, I can do this on the windows..

    Best Wishes to all of you...


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    Welcome to the board.

    I'm getting married by the catholic church and will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.  I'm having a small wedding, total 58 ppl. with a small wedding party.

    I'm 51 yrs. and I'm wearing an ivory dress, it is Private Label by G.  I feel gorgeous on my dress, despite my age.  Don't let the age scared you when you are looking for dresses.  Just keep in mind, what color do you want, and what style do you like. 

    Here are two pictures of me on the dress:

    Congratulations on your wedding.
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