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Does it really feel like a blur?

For all you married ladies, I have a question..

A lot of people that I have talked to have told me that their wedding day was the best day of their life, but also the fastest. They told me it feels like a blur, mostly didnt eat anything and felt like they were being pushed and pulled in different directions during the day.

Just curious as to who else felt that way during their wedding day and if you didnt it again if there would be a way to avoid it?

I understand it will be busy because of the guests, and pictures and everything I am totally fine with that! I just want my FI and I to enjoy ourselves for all the hard work we will be putting in.


Re: Does it really feel like a blur?

  • Take a few minutes during the reception to really step back and look around and absorb everything.  There's really not much you can do to slow down the day, but if you make a good timeline where you are not rushed, it should help.
  • It does go by super quick and there are definite parts that feel like a blur.  For example, I can't remember hearing any music at all being played during our ceremony, though I know we had musicians playing there and I can't remember what my MOH said during her speech, but she said something that made me cry.   This is one of the reasons I wish we got a videographer.  I thought we didn't really need it and would never look at it again, but looking back now,  I was wrong.  Also, we did a first look session with our photographer before the ceremony.  It was so nice to have some time with just the two of us and no one else around (our photographers weren't intrusive and we hardly noticed them) and to really enjoy what was happening.

  • Mine certainly felt like a blur. From the moment I woke up that day to the next morning when I finally went to sleep (hah 5:00 am..bleh) and the entire week I had off...It was a beautiful, amazing day.....and I am thankful that I got someone to film it for us so we could just sit back and remember the bits that I'm spacing about...I do remember some key notes...ariving VERY late..vaguely hearing the chime of the harp, my eyes meeting my new husband's as I joined arms with my flower girl pelting my guests with fists full of petals (haha!), trying not to cry, looking at our Officiant who was trying not to cry, and kissing my new hubby and opening my eyes to bubbles all around us. I remeber much of the reception too..but it just went to fast...I think it's the best days we have that always slip by too quickly. =)

    So..make sure you either hire a videographer, or hand someone a video camera :D

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    I agree with the PP  -- get a videographer.  I reallly wish we had our ceremony on tape so I could watch it again. 

    I would also at least consider doing a "first look," or what we call where I live, a reveal.  This is where you see your fiance privately with just your photographer before the ceremony.  I am so glad we did this because it made the stress just melt away.  It also saves time because you can do alot of pictures before the ceremony and will have more time to spend at the reception.

    Hire reputable vendors.  They can really help the day go smoothly.  I had a great DJ who kept the reception flowing at a great pace.  I ate a whole plate of food and 2 pieces of cake, danced and visited my guests.  Nothing is really a blur but it did go by too fast.  

  • Make a detailed timeline for the day, and share it with all your vendors, key family members, etc., because you will not be able to keep track of it.  We spent way longer taking pics after the wedding than I'd wanted to, which cut into our time with our guests at the reception - it wasn't terrible, but just not what we'd meant to do. 

    Get everything ready to go as far in advance as possible, and when it's 2 or 3 days to the wedding, just let whatever's not done go. Don't worry about it - you don't want to be stressed and running around the day of instead of enjoying yourself. 

    Ours was a definite blur, but there are many many moments that I remember very clearly and truly enjoyed, even though if you asked me who I talked to after we cut the cake, etc., I couldn't tell you!
  • The one thing I am excited about is the venue is doing 95% of set up, if not, I'd have my family/friends do it.  I am excited to answer a few questions, sit back eat food, and drink some wine (to chill the nerves).  Breathe, relax, and let other people do things :) 
  • When you are happy time truly flies.
    The night went by so fast, but I enjoyed every minute and didn't feel rushed at all.
    I loved every minute and wouldn't change a thing. I jsut wish I could have made time stand still for a couple of hours.
  • Everything went by so quickly. There were tons of people that we got gifts from, and I don't even remember seeing them there.

  • My friends warned me to take some time to just absorb everything and that is what we did several times during the day.  It did go by so fast, but we remember everything about it.  It is still vivid in our minds.
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  • We aren't doing a first look, but after the ceremony, during cocktail hour, we are taking a few minutes for ourselves. 
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  • My wedding day went by do quickly, I wish I could relive it sometimes. But I totally felt like I was being pulled in different directions all night! The reception went by SO fast!
  • It was definitely the best day of my life and went by super fast. However, it wasn't a blur. We ate, we danced, we looked at the room, etc. I definitely wish it would happen all over again, I miss it so much!

  • I was determined that I wouldn't say that after my wedding, you always think YOU are the exception, but it does seem like a blur to me now.  I didn't feel pulled in different directions, but I was unfortunately very distracted during the first half of my wedding by a sucky event coordinator.  But the last half, after the cake cutting and toasts, where we just danced for like 2 1/2 hours was super fun.  I second those who have recommended doing a "first look".  I never thought I would do that, but I'm glad I did.  We weren't totally alone, my bridesmaids and parents witnessed it (if I had it to do over, there would have been fewer ppl there), but it was great to really be able to take in his reaction to how I looked and be together.  Once the reception started, I didn't even know where he was most of the time.  I think it's always going to seem like a bit of a blur, no matter what you do, because it's a fun, exciting time and you're surrounded by so many ppl you love and it's sensory overload, but make sure it's YOUR day, make sure you take it all in and get to enjoy it.  I so wish I could experience it all over again--with a different event coordinator.  Oh, one tip I got is make your rounds and say hello to everyone during dinner if you can.  Alot of ppl eat and leave, so that's the best way to catch everyone, plus then once dinner is over, you are "off duty" the rest of the night, you can mostly just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.
  • Totally agree with PP, you'll say "It won't be a blur for me, I'll take the time to soak it in."  I tried and it STILL was a blur when I looked back the next day.  Everything happens so fast and there are so many things to do!

    Some pointers from my POV:
    -be super organized the day of.  Don't plan too much, have your BMs help you, and have your bags organized in a way that you can find everything and once at the reception, someone knows what stays there and what you are taking on the honeymoon. 
    -No matter what happens, take time out for your new hubb and yourself.  Those are the moments you'll remember.
    -I highly recommend a videographer, I don't remember a lot, but I know I'll have it on a tape to help me remember forever!  There are some things pictures just can't capture.
    -Make a detailed timeline of the day and have someone else always keeping you on that schedule, there is no way you'll be able to do that by yourself. 
    -Don't get bogged down worrying about something silly like a flower, or a bouquet.  My matron of honor left her garter at home the day of her wedding and flipped out, almost ruining her own wedding day.  We got an old braclet with an elastic band and wrapped ribbon around it.  It was the most memorable garter anyone had ever seen and we look back on it as one of the best wedding memories-making Allie's garter!  After that, she was don't sweat things, it will all be ok!!
  • There is so much I don't was a blur but I just remember being happy!! I do remember towards the end of the night being sad it was over...I also remember a couple of other things...doing the twist with my husband, dancing with my dad, dancing with my family to "We are Family" and my FI and I really enjoyed our private time in the bridal suite during the cocktail hour.  I do wish I could do it all over again, but not because it was bad just because I want to remember it all again!

  • Yup, mine was last Saturday and went by waaay too soon.  I am so glad that I splurged at the last minute for a videographer...I can't wait to see the video and get to re-live that time again and again.
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