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Whats the average cost of cakes around here (e.g. per slice/per person)?  I found a dessert option I really love - cheesecakes.  However, it's more than I think I want to spend, they don't deliver, and they cakes are not that "pretty".  We're having about 130 people and I'd like to be closer to $300-$350 total including delivery (within Seattle).  Is this even reasonable?

I know Kelli is a fav on here.  Does anyone know about what her total cost would be for a cake that serves 120-140?  Would she work with my budget? 


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    kelli varies her prices depenidng on your flavor..i think it's about 2.00 a slice + mine was $700 for about 250 guests i think? i had her make extra because i didn't think there'd be enough, but there were PLENTY.

    and i'm very sure kelli will work with you...given that you are reasonable and aren't asking her for a $100 cake.
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    I got my cake from Kelli. I think I paid about 287 (including tax and delivery) for 100 people. Just let her know your budget and refer someone to her later to save on delivery. Also, if you like her on facebook I think you get 10% off too.
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    We haven't had our wedding yet, but we did hire Kelli. She gave us a price of around $300 for 80 people max.

    You should at least check her out and try her cakes. Really, I was quite impressed. But if you have your heart set on cheesecake, I'm sure you can find someone who will deliver :o)

    ETA: I think the cost included the delivery fee :o)
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    We had a cake for 150 people, and I think we paid either $330 or $380, but we definitely had at least one expensive filling. There was a thread a few weeks/months ago where someone asked about cheap cakes and there were some other options given ... I'll try to dig it up :).

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    Thanks, guys for your help.  It really does help to hear that my range is workable and reasonable.  I've put an email in to Kelli.  Niq, good tip, I found that string!  I'll look into some of those suggestions as well.

    As always, you guys are great!
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    I know Kelli is a favorite but I love, love, love my baker - Dan at Decedance Custom Cakes.  My finace and I went to several cake tastings and his were by far the tastiest and his cakes were beautiful!  I can not wait for my wedding to see the finished product!
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