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Gift registries!

It seems like this board is so quiet.  This is a poll for fun.

How many of you are having a registry?  How many of you are only hoping for lucky money?  How many have a registry but are also hoping for lucky money?

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Re: Gift registries!

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    Yes - for the non asian peeps who like to give boxed gifts! If I could choose I would pick lucky money over a registry gift!
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    Yeah, I'm having lots of trouble finding what I want. We're having an asian chic wedding theme.
    Right now we're thinking of a registry because even though we have about 300 guests invited they're not on the high income side. Also, thinking of it because we'll be buying a home soon and it be nice to have a head start on home & decor.

    The place we're thinking of is Bed, Bath & Beyon, lots of necessities plus cheap for most.

    What do ya'll think.
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    I registered for the co-workers.  We're only letting them know we registered.  Everyone else...we're hoping for money to help pay back some of the costs for the wedding.
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