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Rhode Island

(1) Vendor Reviews July2011 Village Inn / Amalfi Catering / Flower Thyme / Cake Gallery

Overall we had a fantastic day and everything came out perfect! We tried to have a very simple but nice wedding that wasn't to extravagent but also fun!

Village Inn/Amalf Catering, Narragansett -
Beautiful venue, we had our cocktail hour on the open deck (you cannot beat the views) and the reception inside the ballroom. Jim was great and took care of everything. He really makes sure there is little to no stress on your day. He was a little hard to get a hold of more than a month before the wedding. But two weeks before, he was there for everything. We were not very demanding though, we had an easy wedding. Price was affordable for the area and it came with a free honeymoon room. We had a small problem with the cake but not sure who's fault it was ( discussed later under cake gallery).

Amalfi Catering (food) - The food was great. We had a half served/ half station dinner. Served pasta and tomato caprese salad, stations were a stuffed chicken, beef tenderloin (amazing!) and potatos and green beans. The appetizers were also great! (mango crab cake, coconut shrimp etc).

Flower Thyme
- Joy did an excellent job on our flowers. Originally she was just going to do the bridal party flowers and last minute my mothers hydrangea bushes  didn't bloom in time. She put together our (simple two stemmed) centerpieces for a very affordable price. She was able to work with out budget and still give us what we wanted.

Cake Gallery -
The cake was amazing as are most of his cakes. I only had one issue (and maybe this is my fault). We did not specify that we wanted to keep the top of the cake to eat one year later. So Paul never left a box for the top, the Village Inn assumed they were going to serve the whole cake because there was no box. So I don't know who's fault it was mine for not asking, Village Inn for assuming, or Cake Gallery for not bringing a box! Who knows, but we did get our ice cream to save for one year.

Bickley's Ice Cream - If you want ice cream at your wedding, GO WITH BRICKLEYS. They have tons of flavors and they come in tubs that feed 40 people. The tubs were very affordable, cheaper than the cake! It is also very tasty homemade ice cream

More to come in my next review, I wanted to give special consideration to the band and photographer!


Re: (1) Vendor Reviews July2011 Village Inn / Amalfi Catering / Flower Thyme / Cake Gallery

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    hey congrats!! can you send some pictures of your centerpieces..i want simple hydranges and would like to have an idea how they came out.. [email protected]
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    I bought square 2x2 jars at the dollar store and put in two blue hydrangeas. A mirror underneath the square, 2 tea lights and little glass beads spread around. As of right now I don't have pictures, no one in the family took them I guess! I'll post one later when I get the photographer pics

    These were the boquets my bridesmaids had. Blue hydrangeas and offwhite roses. The deep blue were 3x more expensive so we used the lighter blue.
  • i2012doi2012do member
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    Congrats! I was just at the beach this weekend and saw tons of brides- it looks like a beautiful spoit.

    How were the rooms at the village inn?
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  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    Congrats again on the big day!  I love the ice cream idea. I will definitely consider this for our next outdoor event. 
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    Village Inn was nice. I hadn't been there since I was a kid (15 years ago or more) and it has really been updated. Clean, updated and smells good (I hate old hotels that smell musty). We had a room resturant and the beach. I wish we could have stayed longer and enjoyed another night!
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