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Missouri-Kansas City

Anyone go to the bridal show on Sunday?

It was nuts!  I don't think I can do much more of that, but my mom liked it.  I was really wondering if anyone else got a call from the china and crystal place that was there.  They say that I was chosen to win the crystal toasting glasses as well as a hotel stay, but I have to go claim my prize at a hotel where we will have dinner and whatnot with other couples.  WTF?  I don't have time for this nonsense.  And on top of that I have to bring my fiance... he doesn't do that kind of stuff.  The guy made it seem like it was a china and crystal showing that we were invited to but not obligated to buy from, and we are still given our prizes.  I'm so confused.  Why would they let scam-ish people into that thing?  Oh well, just heads up for next time I guess.

Re: Anyone go to the bridal show on Sunday?

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    I went to the show--it really was overwhelming! Some of the people were so pushy, some weren't. I feel like I gave my info to more people than I wanted to though. I just got overwhelmed! Lol.
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      i was there too it was ok. this the last one i'm going to( i've to a couple)... and don't do the china thing... it's super cheap "crystal "glasses and the trip is a joke... but it's just my opinion
  • kissamarykissamary member
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    haha I hope no one does that china thing!  If they do... they are just not so smart.  We aren't going back until we know who our vendors will be and have deposit money so we can get some discounts.
  • chyleinachyleina member
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    I went! I thought it was overwhelming as well. Aren't the David's Bridal people a little scary???
    I have been to a lot of bridal shows, the ones hosted by the Independence Examiner are the best, I think. They have more ideas set our to look at, and there were free makeovers and drinks! 
    The china place is a joke, they call EVERYONE and tell them that they have won. I frankly told them to stop calling me. 
    Oh, just a heads up, there is a bridal show tomorrow night at the Deer Creek Golf Club in Kansas. I went to the last one and I enjoyed it. The Kansas Photobooth should be there, they are my fav. Great pictures and staff!
  • cdurbin05cdurbin05 member
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    I have gone to 4 bridal shows in the area and won the china thing every time! LOL! It's a total joke, don't waste your time! I think they pretty much call everyone that puts down their information! I would really like to hear from someone who has actually gone to one.....
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