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Ceremony beneath a tree


I am looking for a ceremony site in savannah that has a large oak tree to be married under. I know savannah has tons of beautiful oaks, but this tree needs to be major, almost standing alone, and needs to hold about 250 around it. I hear somewhere in wormsloe has lovely trees, but who exactly should I contact? is there any square in particular that has a pretty incredible tree? Any possible venues you think I should look at?

with that said...i would appreciate all the help i can get. this venue process has been a little disheartening :( I really don't want to give up on the tree idea because it has a lot of significant meaning to my fiance and I.

here are some links of ceremony's beneath a tree to spark your memory if you've come across something similar around savannah.

Thank you so much!

Re: Ceremony beneath a tree

  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    Wormsloe would be a great area for your wedding.  There are a few trees out there that might work for you.  Here is a link for who to contact.
    There is also a park out on St Simon's Island near  the hospital that has several huge canopied trees .  I'm not sure what the park is called or who to contact there. 
    There is a huge oak at the Old Candler Hospital on Drayton near Forsyth Park.  Don't know that I would want to have a wedding there since the tree is actually the entrance to the death tunnels. 
    There are also a few at the Wilmington Island Club, but they are mostly on the golf course.  You could always ask, though
    Check out Forsyth Park, as well. 
    Other than that, they only others I know of are on Private property.  Good luck

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  • dancergirl104dancergirl104 member
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    The Westin Savannah has a large oak tree on the golf course. You can rent it for your ceremony - it is $1000 and includes chairs, labor, etc. 
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    are you dead set on savannah or are you willing to go into south carolina??? because i found your place.... :) its called Honey Horn it is 2500 to rent the location and its the big trees and a huge pavillion with a fireplace at one end and another one outside next to an oyster pit. its gorgous.... I was going to use it but then I changed my mind once i found my dress and I didnt want it to drag. it is amazing... take a look at www.wecelebrateyou.com they have pictures
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  • Deborah BDeborah B member
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    Woodlawn Plantation in Guyton Goergia (20 miles away from Savannah is amazing. 
  • How much would you think a wedding a Honey Horn Plantation would cost besides the 2500 fee for the property? I would do 200 guests and DIY my decor and flowers.
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