rehearsal dinner spaces in Kennebunk/Wells?

Has anyone eaten at the Bull and Claw in Wells? I'm considering it for our rehearsal dinner since the lobster dinners are really affordable and we'll have so many out of town guests. I've never eaten there, so I have no idea if it's appropriate or not for an RD.

Does anyone have other suggestions for RD spaces in the Kennebunk/Wells area? We're having 45 people, so a lot of the downtown Kport restaurants are out due to space restrictions and price (trying to keep it under $1500 for the whole thing, including drinks, tax and tip).

Re: rehearsal dinner spaces in Kennebunk/Wells?

  • I'm not familiar with the area, or that restaurant, so I have no idea about their food. 

    We had a backyard BBQ RD, so I think anything short of McDonalds is appropriate.  A RD can be as formal or informal as you want it to be.
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  • hmm... I'm From KBK.   Bull and Claw is ok- not sure I'd go with them, as everything I have heard is Mediocre food and not the greatest service.  I know you said the Kport restaurants were out, but did you try Allisons restaurant? its right in Dock Square and they are Pretty reasonably priced, and they have an upstairs that can be reserved for a private party. I'd check into them if you havent already. you could also look into Maniacs, Mikes Clam shack (both in Wells) . It also depends on what time of year your Wedding is, alot of places shut down late Fall and Don't open again untill Late Spring.
  • Ok, Just saw your wedding date is August, so you'll have no problems with places closing!
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