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not sure about music for outdoor ceremony

I am going to be getting married outside and as "cheesy" as this sounds, I really want my hear comes the bride music to walk down the isle.... problem is I am not sure how to get it?
I dont think a dj works and I am not sure what type of musician could play that song.
any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Re: not sure about music for outdoor ceremony

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    We had a harpist play for our outdoor ceremony and that was the song I walked down the aisle to - it was really quite beautiful on the harp!
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    Cy O'Neill is a Harpist that plays on the beach.  Many wont because they dont want the sand to ruin their instruments.  You could also look into a guitarist.  Some girls on here have used Brian Kelly.  He plays on the beach and quoted me $350.  But he wasnt really the style we were going for.  We ended up choosing Tripping Lilly-a local band. Good luck!
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    I am using Brian Kelly, he's great, but I don't think he plays much traditional wedding music. 
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    Two of Us Duo ( played my daughter's beach ceremony and she walked to Here Comes the bride.  All of the ceremony music was very traditional.  They were really good.
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    Here comes the bride sounds amazing on the steel drums!  Check out Jefferey Clayton (  He is reasonably priced and his steel pan is a perfect accent to an outdoor wedding!
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    thank you so much for all your feedback-it is greatly appreciated!
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