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Paris Jewelers Lethbridge (and possibly everywhere!)

I just want to send out a warning to brides in the Lethbridge area. Please do not go to Paris Jewelers. I asked if they would appraise my ring, since FI didn't get a certificate when he bought it because the store he bought it from was closing and they were just hurrying people in and out of the store. They agreed, and we were asked to pay thirty dollars. I thought this was affordable, and now more than ever I'm glad FI didn't pay more.

I was told it would take two to three weeks, and I've been told that's an acceptable length of time to wait. I went back three weeks later when I was in the mall looking at wedding band settings for diamonds I had inherited. They hadn't sent it out yet, and I was frustrated so I asked for my ring and money back. They gave me my ring (in the same condition I had left it, thank goodness), but claimed that FI hadn't paid them a single dime. Hmm, well that's a load of crap. FI had forgotten his receipt at his house, so they refused to cough up the money, even though the manager was there and he was the one we had dealt with. He even said he remembered us! Ugh, I was so PO'd. I went to Peoples, and they offered to do the appraisal for free because I bought my band from them. So, stay away from Paris Jewelers, and you'll be glad you did.

Re: Paris Jewelers Lethbridge (and possibly everywhere!)

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    I haven't had my ring appraised yet, however we have boughten my engagemnent ring, as well as, our wedding bands are on layaway at Paris Jewellers here in Edmonton and I haven't had any problems.

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    I'm glad to hear that. Maybe this was an isolated incident, or maybe the Lethbridge one is terrible.
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    I really hope it was an isolated icident.  That really sucks that you were treated like that.
  • Yikes!  That seems like a very long time to wait for an appraisal!!  I would check maybe with your insurance company and make sure that you don't need a certified gemoligist (i think i spelled that wrong) to do the appraisal as I have heard that people have gotten their rings appraised at a jewelry store and then when there was an issue, the adjuster didn't accept the claim despite the fact the broker said it would be okay to use that appraisal.  We are in Medicine Hat and used Lynn Adams (she is apparently a certified person), I dropped my rings off at lunch time and picked up the rings and paperwork after work.  She even cleaned my engagement ring up for me - even better than when I take it to the store my fiance bought it at!!

  • My FI bought my engagement ring at Paris Jewlers in Bonnie Doon Mall. The lady was super nice considering we were there within 30 mins of closing Christmas Eve.

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  • I went to Al-Brite jewlers in Edmonton to get my ring appraised.  They were professional and polite, and the appraisal was done in about 30 minutes.  They even cleaned the ring!  I left with the paperwork and a smile.  Only cost about $50.  Highly recommend them.  
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