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July Week 5 Accountability

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Re: July Week 5 Accountability

  • I have not had a good week ...like at all. Ugh. Still maintained my weight, somehow by the grace of the weight angels lol. This week lots of mountain biking and perhaps an all fruit and bran diet. You girls?
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  • I've lost 3 pounds for the week, during the week I'm good because I keep up and stay busy with work and school work, but the weekends are dangerous with eating out and plans with friends!
  • Bad week! FI got his wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday so I have basically been sitting at the house taking care of him all week. FMIL and FSIL came up to visit on Friday and just left today. They rarely eat home cooked meals! Ugh! I can't stand it! FSIL is 12 and fairly spoiled. She eats so much junk and has fast food resaturant menus memorized! I always feel sick after visiting them.
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  • I'm taking this week off from running.  I really think our new floor mats at work are doing weird things to my legs so I'm going to try not standing on them for a week to see if that helps.
    Formerly known as flutterbride2b
  • lost another 2 lbs, bringing me to a grand total of 25 in 4 months!! woop woooop!! then of course I had an overindulgent weekend, and probably gained it back, but I'll be hitting the gym tonight, and as many times this week as I can!! :D
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